Confessions of Two CW Addicts

On the outside, we may seem like two perfectly put-together, hilarious bloggers, but we must admit that even we are human. We make mistakes and have (very few) flaws. Like everyone else in the world, we have our guilty pleasures. Our main one is that we are low-key (okay ~maybe~ high-key) CW addicts. The CW has some of the worst (but angstiest) shows on television, and we are so here for it. Let’s start off by listing the shows on the CW that each of us watches; then we’ll delve into the gritty details of our life-consuming obsession.

We watch Reign and Jane the Virgin together (tbh we only do it because “reign” and “Jane” rhyme). Then, our interests differ a bit. Rachel finishes her CW fascination with America’s Next Top Model while Merilla watches five (yes, five) other shows just on The CW: SupernaturalThe Vampire DiariesArrowThe Originals, and The 100. There’s just something about historically inaccurate representations of France in the 16th century and supernatural beings that draw us in. The worst part is that our questionable TV show preferences aren’t limited to The CW. Rachel has literally wailed like a banshee during multiple episodes of ABC’s Once Upon a Time (resident tall person Adam Hotaling has video proof of this) and Merilla swears that MTV’s Teen Wolf is a dramatic masterpiece. (Seriously, though, the third season of Teen Wolf was incredible. The whole plotline with Stiles being possessed was the best idea the writers have ever had. Now, we can continue. -Merilla.) With the exception of Jane the Virgin, none of these shows really have any substance. But hey, for some reason, we are still willing to stay in literally every Friday night to watch Reign and America’s Next Top Model.

We have a couple theories as to why we are so obsessed with bad TV shows. For one, neither of our lives are particularly exciting. Why try to (unsuccessfully) appreciate the small things in our lives when we can live vicariously through TV characters whose lives are infinitely more complex than ours? We could spend our entire day socializing with our “friends”, “spending time with our loved ones”, or “appreciating our lives”, but like…eh. We don’t want to say that we have trouble expressing our emotions, but we will say that the past five times we’ve cried have been because of TV. Rachel has admitted multiple times that she has trouble feeling emotional in personal situations that should make her feel sad; however, if you mess things up with her one true pairing (OTP as the kids say), Narcisse and Lola from Reign, she will literally burst into tears and write strongly worded letters to the Reign writers explaining why Catherine only sees the bad in Narcisse, while Lola sees the good and bad and accepts him completely, and because of that Narcisse is trying to be a better person not only for her but for himself and THAT MY FRIENDS IS CALLED TRUE LOVE. (Note: Rachel feels the same way about Rumple and Belle from Once Upon a Time.)

Merilla realized that her addiction to The CW had gotten too far when she proclaimed, very seriously, to her housemate that, out of the 33 shows she’s currently watching, The Vampire Diaries is her favorite. She ranked a show about “teenage” (the actors are in their 30’s) vampires above shows like Game of ThronesOrphan Black, and Outlander. She sobbed for a solid 30 minutes during The Vampire Diaries season finale where her OTP (Damon and Elena) was separated, but would probably not care very much if it happened to her in real life.

It’s hard to tell people truthfully what kind of shows we watch unless we’re prepared for hardcore judgment. So when people ask us what our favorite TV show is, we collectively say, The West Wing. Neither one of us have actually watched The West Wing, but it sounds pretty official and we are nothing if not official businesswomen.


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