(Our) Weekend Round Up

There is a light at the end of the tunnel of this v stressful semester and it is called Thanksgiving break. With one more weekend before Thanksgiving break, use this opportunity to hang out with all your college friends before you forget about them once you see your pet from home. Instead of sharing events happening on campus, we decided that our lives are much more important. We wanted to tell y’all what we are doing this weekend so you can live vicariously through us. We put a lot of effort into this weekend (honestly this epic weekend was planned three weeks ago) and we can’t wait to see it come to fruition.

Friday (11/20)
We’ll start off our weekend with a bang: Kickboxing and Weights, a weekly TSR fitness class, at 10:30 a.m. Usually we’ll have Tabata bootcamp as this is a replacement this week, but either way, our booties are getting kicked…hard. One-armed burpees and a bazillion tricep dips? How about most definitely (not)! After this, the fun truly begins: Rachel has math class and Merilla works for six hours straight. Even though they are separated during this time, they text constantly to make sure the other is okay. Here’s an example of a typical conversation that we would have on a Friday afternoon:

Rachel: Hey if we didn’t live on the same floor freshman year would we still be friends?
Merilla: Uh what?
Rachel: Ya like do you think we were fated?
Merilla: …
Rachel: I think we were meant to be in each other’s lives.
Merilla: K.

After Rachel’s class, but before Merilla gets out of work, Rachel will be patiently waiting for Merilla at Merilla’s house eating a bowl of cereal on her bed and watching Once Upon a Time. How did she get in the house, you make be wondering? Shh…that’s not important. Where did all of Merilla’s Hot & Spicy Cheez-Its go? Definitely not into Rachel’s intestines. Once Merilla gets home, we (along with our resident tall person Adam Hotaling) will watch six hours of Parks and Recreation and shriek with laughter the entire time despite Merilla and Adam having upstairs neighbors who probably hate them at this point.

Saturday (11/21)
This is the day we’ve been planning for since we first became friends. It all starts in the morning: we go to the MFA. This is Rachel’s first time to the MFA (we know we know that’s probably a crime for a Tufts student). Merilla’s going for a class project, and Rachel can’t go more than 12 hours without seeing Merilla, so she’s tagging along. In the afternoon, we kidnap Ambika who will be referred to as “Beaks” for the rest of eternity. We start our afternoon of fun at the restaurant Saüs in downtown Boston because Rachel has been dreaming about that bacon parmesan sauce with fries since her and Merilla first went to Saüs their freshman year. After we eat, we will go to Primark, which is a clothing store that looks p fancy. It’s also the only Primark store in America, so that’s legit. Idk we’ve heard good things and we deserve some soul-shopping after our multiple weeks of hellish midterms. We end our night by watching The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 and crying our eyes out.

Sunday (11/22)
We cry over The Hunger Games all day because feelings. Also, we like to pretend we’re being productive in Tisch when in reality, Merilla is reblogging GIFs of The Vampire Diaries and Rachel is watching Vanderpump Rules.

And that’s our weekend! Have a happy weekend before Thanksgiving Break — we know we will.


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