What is Weather?

Over the past decade or so, the word “weather” has become less and less meaningful. Seasons now overlap way more than they should, and the world has become increasingly more susceptible to strange climatic tendencies. All of this has me constantly confused as to what the weather is.

Currently, it is November, which signifies fall in most parts of the Eastern United States. Fall is a time for sweaters, pants, and even maybe even a jacket. Temperatures are supposed to be somewhere in the range of 50-60 degrees. A couple of weeks ago, the average temperature was about 70! 70 degrees in November! I apologize to all those who love warm weather and are fearing the winter that is soon to come, but 70 degrees in November is not something that anyone should be celebrating.

I did my laundry a few days ago, and I was genuinely shocked by what I found. The clothes at the top of the pile seemed normal for November — a sweatshirt, a pair of jeans, a long sleeve shirt. However, once I got towards the bottom of my hamper with clothes that I wore only a week ago, I found two pairs of shorts and about five t-shirts. I looked at them and could remember wearing them in August. Every time I think that summer is over and we’ve had the last of this strange weather pattern, I am proven wrong.

My theory is that we’re heading towards a two-season world — winter and summer. I can remember winter last year just as well as I can remember summer, but I honestly can’t remember fall or spring.

I’m from New York, a place where there are supposed to be four distinct seasons with unique qualities and weather patterns. Summer is supposed to last from about late May to early September; fall from about mid-September to late November; winter from early December to late February/beginning of March; spring up until the start of summer again. However, the past few years have been summer from May to November with a few moments of fall scattered in between and winter the rest of the time, with the occasional visit from spring.

Last winter was rough. Not as rough in New York as it was here in Boston, but still notably frigid. I can remember feeling cold from November up until May. It honestly felt like Winter was never going to end. I had snow days in March, and some of the snow banks didn’t even melt until late April. Here in Boston, I even heard stories of snowbanks not melting until as late as June! That’s a very scary thought.

And just as how bad winter was, summer proved to be just as strong. While it may not have been that scorching of a summer, it did still feel like summer just appeared one day in early May and didn’t leave until about a week or so ago. The first week of classes was even hotter than most of the summer! I think I took three showers one day just because I was perpetually sweating.

Whatever this new “weather” pattern is that we’ve been experiencing is not something I’m enjoying. I’m not sure if we can do anything about it at this point, so we might as well just all succumb to the mercy of Mother Nature.


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