Throwback Thursday: T1

The housing gods certainly blessed us when they placed us on the same floor freshman year. Without this happening, would we even know each other now? Would “How to Get Away with Blogging” exist? We know, we know. It’s a scary thought. Thankfully, the housing stars aligned and everyone’s favorite dynamic duo (us) were able to become best friends. To the benefit of everyone involved, we live in a world where we don’t have to imagine what life would be like without Machel (Merilla and Rachel), because we lived in the most magical place on campus our freshman year: the first floor of Tilton Hall (aka T1).

Okay, sure. Tilton isn’t the most “refined” dorm on campus. It might not be the “cleanest” either. To be honest, clean is a social construct. Everything can be pretty and clean if you think about it hard enough — even Tilton. We developed friendships on T1 that have lasted through our junior year and will likely continue for the rest of our days. Navigating through Tilton makes socializing so easy, since the hallways, filled with freshmen, are all straight. Then again, we were all freshmen, and as we all know, freshmen are prone to making a ton of mistakes their first semester on campus. Regardless, we love our T1 crew and have compiled a list of our favorite things about living on T1 our freshman year!

Our RA, Deenz
Everyone from T1 knows that this list would be meaningless if we left out our RA, Deena. If you haven’t met Deena, she is essentially the love child that Ron Swanson and April Ludgate from Parks and Recreation never had. The more she hates things (i.e. every single loud freshman on her floor, including us), the more we wanted to desperately be a part of her life. We miss her passive aggressive post-it notes yelling at us not to leave our underwear in the bathroom or stick our heads out of the windows screaming at 1am.

Group dinners
If there’s one thing you need to know about freshmen, it’s that they love to eat (hooray for the required unlimited meal plan!). Since we were #TeamDownhill, we spent almost every night at Dewick together. One time at a T1 dinner, someone brought up Spongebob, and Rachel went on a passionate fifteen-minute rant about all the details from that one episode referenced. Everyone gave Rachel some weird looks and were a a little concerned that she was so passionate about a cartoon, but she was too engaged in her rant. Note that trick-turning was still legal when we were freshmen (#blessed), so each meal was followed by a trip to Hodgdon to stock up on snacks, snacks, and more snacks.

As mentioned above, Tilton wasn’t very hygienic — blame it on our youthful freshmen personalities. The bathrooms were the main culprit for…messes. For example, one morning, Merilla woke up ready to wash her face and start the day. She walked into the bathroom and as she entered, she turned to her left and saw a suitcase in the shower. I bet you are wondering, “Hm. That’s odd. Why is there a suitcase in the shower? That’s not hygienic.” Oh, yes. We are aware. In addition, we left out the most important detail — there was vomit in that suitcase. To this day, we don’t know the story behind the infamous vomit-in-suitcase fiasco, and we don’t think we ever want to know.

The Common Room
Everyone who has been in Tilton knows that the common rooms are…janky to say the least. But we have a lot of great memories in that common room. From sing-a-long jam sessions with people playing the guitar to preparations for a big night out to just chilling and doing homework or having a heart-to-heart, the T1 common room is full of memories.

Secret Santa
We ended our first semester with a floor-wide Secret Santa party, where everyone was randomly assigned another person on the floor and we all gave each other gifts. This was a great way to wrap up our first semester in college and enjoy the good days before academics actually became the bane of our existences.

The People
T1 was just so darn close. We still have a very active Facebook chat where we try to get dinners together (sadly, they’re always scheduled during Merilla’s work shift) and hang out on the weekends. T1 was full of some real great people and, though we’re scattered across dorms, off-campus housing, and even in different countries (s/o to the two Kate’s who are in Europe, currently), we’re connected by the T1 bond at heart.

T1 4 life. Love y’all!

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