Traveling Special

This is the blog that almost didn’t get written because I arrived back from a delightful weekend in Edinburgh today and wasn’t sure that I was going to be able to complete a post in time. But, I am too dedicated to the entertainment blog cause to go absent for a week, and so you are stuck with me yet again.

I took the train from London to Edinburgh on Friday, and from Edinburgh to London today. This chalked up to roughly nine hours of travel, which is a less than ideal amount of time to spend stuck on a crowded train. (Fortunately I spent the extra money and rode first class on the way back, which meant free food and Wi-Fi.) As I was traveling, I realized that I was like a romantic literary or film heroine sitting in a train, bound for new places. In honor of that thought, I give you the Traveling Special, which comprises my favorite travel-themed movies, full of great characters bound for new places.

1. Up in the Air

This is a delightful dramedy by the director of Juno, Jason Reitman, and it stars George Clooney and Anna Kendrick. See, I gave you three reasons to watch it without even giving away the plot! Suffice to say, they ride on planes a lot.

2. Interstellar

What’s a travel-themed list without a little space travel? The beautiful cinematography of this movie will make you feel like you’re traveling through space and time right beside Matthew McConaughey. Hey, there are worse things.

3. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

This classic comedy starring Steve Martin as a man trying to get home for Thanksgiving is particularly appropriate for the holiday season. Plus, it has one of the funniest rant scenes of all time.

4. A Room with a View

I mentioned romantic traveling heroines in my introduction, and Lucy Honeychurch is one such character. Join pre-Tim Burton Helena Bonham Carter as she finds love whilst traversing around Italy.

5. Back to the Future III

We’ve done traveling across the Earth and traveling through space; now get ready for time travel! You may be wondering why I chose Back to the Future III. Um, because of the wild, wild west — what else do you need?

6. Lord of the Rings Trilogy

It wouldn’t be a movie recommendation list made by me if I didn’t include LOTR. I mean, this is basically eleven and a half hours of people traveling. To paraphrase the LOTR Honest Trailer, get ready for some walking, hiking, roaming, strolling, and more walking.

7. Titanic

Don’t give me that look! It’s a movie about traveling, so it fits the bill. It’s also about as long as my train ride to Edinburgh, so it fits the dual purpose of being a good movie to watch while traveling (although not if you don’t want strangers to see you cry).


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