Weird but Fantastic: ‘Little Shop of Horrors’

Last Friday night (like the Katy Perry song #youthculture), we went to see Torn Ticket II’s performance of Little Shop of Horrors, a musical about a flower shop dangerously close to going out of business and the bloodthirsty plant that’s trying to take over the world. Just from that description, we knew this show would really speak to us and encourage us to embrace our weirdness. To be honest, sometimes we forget that Torn Ticket shows are student-run because they really are of professional quality. They sold out Cohen Auditorium Friday night, and we were laughing (arguably way too loud) the entire time. Sorry to all the people sitting in front of us, beside us, behind us…tbh everyone in Cohen. If you heard noises that sounded like the three hyenas cackling in The Lion King, it was us.

We have so many favorite parts we are just going to list them out.

1. Justin An (’18) as a representation of the bloodthirsty plant, Audrey II, dressed in drag was on fire. This was a directorial choice by Peter Secrest (’17) that just worked so well. Justin, in heels, makeup, a wig, and an elaborate green costume, slayed. He can drop it lower than either of us while walking in heels. Respect.

2. The jokes were hilarious. Unfortunately, we missed about half of them because we were too busy laughing, but the ones we heard were golden. Some favorites include (paraphrased of course):
Mr. Mushnik (flower shop owner): Ok now you’re my son I adopted you.
Seymour (bloodthirsty plant owner): Ok Mister….Daddy?

Seymour: Wow you’re about to drill my teeth with that screwdriver drill. It’s rusty…
Evil dentist: It’s an antique!

Seymour: Oh, wow. So, your entire plan all along was world domination.
Scary mega-plant named Audrey II: No sh*t Sherlock.

3. The ending. Okay, so we like to identify ourselves as “weirdos.” However, even we were confused about the ending. Spoiler: everyone dies because Seymour feeds them to Audrey II. But then the love interest, Audrey, is happy to be eaten by Audrey II? You kind of expect a happy ending, but, in reality, the ending just sets the scene for world domination by this huge, scary Venus Fly Traps. Or maybe it’s some metaphor for life that we aren’t understanding? Either way, it was weird af, and we absolutely loved it.

4. The singing (obvi). Damn. So. Much. Talent. From Audrey II’s low notes in “Suppertime” to the three girls doo-wopping with tight harmonies and perfect sass, everyone crushed it. We’re obsessed with the soundtrack and have requested that the entire cast sings to us before bedtime each night (11pm for Rachel, then an encore presentation at 4am for Merilla).

5. The stage. A lot of performers know the difficulties that come with performing in Cohen. It’s big and there’s something weird about the sound maybe? Idk Rachel is currently writing this post, but she isn’t musically talented. She thinks she heard Merilla talk about the bad sound traveling in Cohen, so she’s just gonna go with it. Hello, Merilla is here to confirm that Cohen has the worst acoustics ever, which makes it nearly impossible for singers (even with mics) to be heard at all, let alone over the pit.

6. The set. The set was so well done and everything, including the lights and shadows worked together seamlessly. Props to everyone who designed the props (see what we did there?). Ugh, everything about this show was great.

In case it wasn’t blatantly obvious, we are kinda obsessed with Little Shop. Congratulations to everyone who worked on the project!


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