In Anticipation of Thanksgiving

With Halloween over and midterms (hopefully) starting to wind down, there’s only one more day to look forward to before finals commence: Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is not something that just happens. It is something that requires countless days of preparation. It is more than just a simple dinner with family and friends — it is a marathon: a marathon of eating. All of this eating requires training. You see, Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time to completely engorge yourself and to ensure maximum food-stuffage within your body. Such a task cannot be simply performed on Thanksgiving Day without any mental and physical preparation. I recommend getting into the Thanksgiving mindset first.

Embrace November with all its glory. Admire the fall weather, go apple picking, and start incorporating Thanksgiving food back into your diet. While you don’t want to overeat the foods that you may be consuming in less than a month’s time, it is still important to get used to the food you are likely to consume so your body doesn’t go into a comatose state. This also requires you to get your body ready for the amount of food you are about to ingest. This can mean many different things for many different people. For me, at least, November is the time to exercise as much as physically possible before Thanksgiving Day. This way, when I look down at my plate and see a spoonful of mashed potatoes left, I won’t feel guilty about shoving it into my mouth.

Thanksgiving is a strategy, not just a meal. It requires intense plate-planning, as I like to call it, to ensure maximum pleasure and amount of food on your plate. To get ready for this, here’s what I recommend:

First, attain a sample of the plate that you will be using on Thanksgiving by any means possible. Next, take the circumference and area of the plate and compare it to the various areas of food that you will be consuming. It’s probably easier to draw a detailed diagram — almost like blueprints — of the plate so you don’t go in blind. Thanksgiving is not something you want to be underprepared for. Once you have your blueprints, start toying with different food combinations and placements. Maybe you want to stack your turkey on top of your mashed potatoes to allow for more height, so you have more room for stuffing on the side. Or maybe you want to combine your cranberries with your mashed potatoes on the right side of your plate, so you can load up on green bean casserole on the left side. It’s all pretty subjective. Now, make sure you bring these blueprints with you on the night of the feast, as they will definitely help you to have the best experience possible.

In short, Thanksgiving is not a holiday that you should treat lightly. It is a test that requires studying and even some stretching. As long as you take some of the aforementioned steps towards preparation, you will have a fulfilling Thanksgiving.


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