Tufts Football Did a Thing

It’s hard to believe that just two years ago, the Tufts football team hadn’t won a game all season. With 3 wins and no losses this season, the Jumbos currently have a better record than the Philadelphia Eagles. As a Tufts student, it’s hard not to be excited for a team that appears to be on the rise. But, as a person that doesn’t know a lot about football, it’s hard to understand why the football team is playing so well. I’m not an analyst; I don’t watch football religiously. I understand the sport and enjoy it when it’s on, but aside from a few Eagles games, I rarely sit through a whole game of football. So, I decided to ask people that know less about football than me why they think the Jumbos beat Bowdoin’s Polar Bears last Saturday.

Cindy, class of 2019: Well, they probably scored more points than the other team.

Jeremy, class of 2019: I don’t know…did the quarterback pass the ball far… or… something. Maybe the quarterback ran a lot… Oh! Maybe the quarterback threw the ball to one of the other positions and they ran really far!

Katie, class of 2019: Maybe they ate like a lot of pasta or something before? I always run better when I eat a lot of pasta.

Zach, class of 2019: What the hell is a Bowdoin?

Emma, class of 2019: I don’t know, I went to the bathroom like, 8 times.

Peter, class of 2019: Because the Class of 2019 stepped up… I heard those guys are really fast. I don’t know… someone kept running and getting touchdowns… I don’t know the positions or anything, but he was fast. Yeah.

Cam, class of 2019: Squids.

Me: Care to elaborate?

Cam: No.

Alex, class of 2019: They won?

Me: Yes.

Alex: Wait football right?

Me: Yes.

Alex: And that’s the one where you can touch the ball and it’s shaped like an egg right? [note: Alex is from Europe.]

Me: Yes.

Alex: Then they probably just hit everyone.

Eliza, class of 2019: Pure…refined…skill.

While the members of my floor at Houston Hall may not have the most extensive knowledge of football, everyone was enthusiastic when I told them that our team was undefeated. Reactions ranged from “Wait, really!?” to “Ayy, there we go ‘Bos!” The football team is proof that Tufts is excited to rally around the school’s oldest sport. So, from hardcore fans to ignorant casuals, we all can say, “Let’s go ‘Bos!”

*Names of all those interviewed have been changed to protect students’ identities.


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