(Off Brand) Weekend Round Up

Yeah, so apparently something big is happening this weekend that involves football, food, and someone’s home going somewhere? We’re not really sure what that’s all about or why everyone is so excited about it; we don’t like to dwell on mainstream events. This isn’t your mailman’s weekend round up: we did some hardcore investigating to discover the coolest, underground (metaphorically) things to do on campus this weekend.

Merilla’s soon-to-be-maybe-possibly-almost-definitely-not-TCU-recognized “Twilight” fan club GIM (Fri. 10/9, midnight,Forks, Washington)
When Merilla heard that Stephenie Meyer had written a new gender-swapped version of “Twilight”, she knew that this was her time to embrace her obsession and bring it to Tufts. She immediately downloaded the PDF of “Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined” and hopes her new fan club will host tons of cool events including live readings of “Twilight” excerpts, weekly marathons of all five movies, cosplay opportunities, road trips to Forks, Washington, and more! You will be reimbursed for travel expenses to and from Forks for the GIM in the form of “Twilight” merchandise.

Tufts Quidditch Presents: Get Cheesy (Fri. 10/9, 8:00pm-2:00am, anywhere you want it to be)
Do you like grilled cheese? Effing duh. Do you like people riding around on brooms? Sure. Why not combine the two? Tufts Quidditch will deliver glorious grilled cheese, complete with optional toppings, right to your doorstep. Here’s the Facebook event.

Rachel’s study group (Sat. 10/10, 10:00am-9:00pm, Tisch Library)
As Rachel has three midterms next week, she will be spending the entirety of Saturday in Tisch while everyone else is watching that “really important” soccer game. Will she survive 11 hours or will she crack under pressure and proceed to burn her Econ notes and become a mole woman in a fit of rage? Come to Tisch to find out!

Joaquin on Sunshine, an Institute Show! (Fri. 10/9, 9:30pm, Braker 001)
Oh, we see your pun game, The Institute. So, these guys make pretty funny jokes and our humor stamp of approval is kind of a huge deal in the world of comedy. You can quote Amy Poehler on that. Or not. So, if you’re itching to get a laugh after a week of midterms, late night study sessions in Tisch, and questionable choices brought on by sleep-deprived delirium, check out the Institute’s first show of the semester. Here’s the Facebook event.

Winter Comedy Night (Sat. 10/10, 8:00pm, Hotung)
More comedy, you say?! Yes, we do say. Not really sure why it’s called, “Winter Comedy Night”, because we are 27.5% sure that winter doesn’t start until December, but we’ll let it slide. Maybe it’s supposed to be funny. Tufts Stand-Up Comedy Collective will be performing at this event, sponsored by Another Option at Tufts, so it should be a good time.


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