Life Lessons from Nicki Minaj

We usually don’t talk about our personal political preferences, but today we are coming forward to introduce the candidate who has our whole-hearted support: Nicki Minaj. #MINAJ2016. Nicki Minaj is a mother to us all, giving us great life advice and encouraging us all to be as fierce as hell. To celebrate Minaj’s superiority in all things and her general amazingness, here are our favorite lyrics and life lessons from her.

1. “You could be the king, but watch the queen conquer.” (“Monster” by Kanye West feat. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Bon Iver & Nicki Minaj)
Nicki understands how much power she yields. She utterly dominates this song, rapping alongside rap legends like Kanye West and Jay-Z. Basically, she’s saying, “Ya, patriarchy, whatever. I’m about to set the world on fire yalla byeeee.” Kanye West almost took her verse out of the song (15:00), because he knew people would say that it was the “best verse on the best hip hop album of all time.” Kanye West, one of the cockiest and talented rappers out there, was threatened by this verse. Bow down to the Queen.

2. “I look like yes, and you look like no.” (“Up All Night” by Drake feat. Nicki Minaj)
Nicki is not one to shy away from being confident. She knows when she’s on point and she’s not afraid to tell you all about it. Slay, Nicki, slay.

3. “I ain’t never need a man to take care of me.” (“Truffle Butter” by Nicki Minaj feat. Drake & Lil Wayne)
If you have yet to figure out that Nicki is all about being independent, you must be the baked potato of your friend group. She wants all her fans to be on their own path, and she leads by example.

4. “I told him meet me at the Trump, Ivanka.” (“***Flawless [Remix] by Beyoncé feat. Nicki Minaj)
Nicki demonstrates here that it’s important to celebrate other successful women. It’s not about women fighting each other to get to the top, but appreciating that we all work hard and deserve recognition.

5. “Tell them to go ahead and gossip. As long as your house is the size of my closet.” (“Shanghai” by Nicki Minaj) Nicki couldn’t care less about petty gossip. While all the others talk about which outfit she looked best in, Nicki is casually tripling her bank account.

6. “Don’t depend on a man for a motherf*cking thing…Get your own motherf*cking job…Your own career, your own education.” (Nicki Minaj)
As we were typing this quote out we were internally (and externally) screaming, “YASSSS” in Tisch. She wants her fans to realize their first priority should be their own successes and personal needs. This isn’t just for all the women out there – it’s for everyone. You do you. Do what you love and be your best at it. Everything else will come later.

7. “When you’re a girl, you have to be everything, You have to be dope at what you do, but you have to be super sweet, and you have to be sexy, and you have to be this and you have to be that and you have to be nice, and you have to – it’s like, I can’t be all of those things at once. I’m a human being.” (Nicki Minaj)
This is too real. Nicki gets us.

8. “Maybe your weird is my normal.” (Nicki Minaj)
The mantra for “How to Get Away with Blogging.”


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