Five Reasons Why I’m Excited about ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’

With American Horror Story: Hotel premiering this week, there’s been a lot of excitement surrounding the franchise. As an avid fan of the show, here’s what I’m looking forward to the most this season.

1.) Lady Gaga: Not much else has to be said.

2.) Gore (and lots of it): With Game of Thrones on its yearly hiatus, I need another TV source to fill my bloody violence quota.

3.) Being scared: I know this may come off strange, but I actually like being scared. So far, American Horror Story (AHS) has proven itself to be a formidable opponent to most, if not all of the recent horror movies I have seen.

4.) Strange music: Again, while it may be a little weird to get excited about creepy music, I have grown fond of AHS’s music selection. It has become a major component of the show. Hopefully, this season Lady Gaga performs something! It would be better than Jessica Lange singing “The Name Game” in American Horror Story: Asylum.

5.) Seeing my favorite actors in a completely new role: One thing I love about AHS is its recycling of characters into new parts. With actors like Evan Peters, Kathy Bates, and Sarah Paulson, AHS fans are anticipating surprises and plot twists.


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