Rachel & Merilla Are Excited For Spring

Ah, what is that on the quad? Is that grass? Has it always been that green? After months of snow covering all of Tufts, it has all (mostly?) melted. We are convinced Tufts sacrificed one hundred innocent aliens in order to get the grass to be this green. Either that or it’s artificial. We can’t trust anyone, and neither should you. You know who you should trust? Us. We know what spring is all about. Here’s a list to prove it.

1. Spring Fling

Obviously the only thing we are working towards this semester is Spring Fling. We are pumped because it’s an all female line-up #girlpower. We are also pumped because our very own Merilla Michael will be performing a One Man Show of The Avengers before Spring Fling starts #GrillZpower.

2. Reading Period…Uh We Mean Day

The time between classes and final exams formally known as reading period was a Taurus-send to students. It gave us one day to binge-watch an entire season of Game of Thrones, and then two days to actually do work. But now, Tufts is putting the pressure on as we only have one day of preparation for exams. We can totally handle it: not only will we watch GoT, we will also watch Mad Men just to stick it to “the man”. Take that “the man”.

3. Holidays Are Coming

Spring means one thing: Halloween is only 197 more days away! Start preparing your Halloween costumes because you’re running out of time.

4. It’s Our Birthdays!

We both have the blessing of being spring babies. We accept cash as birthday presents, even though it’s pretty ~impersonal~. But we’ll still accept it.

5. Election Day

Every patriotic American knows that Spring is the time to vote for our next president. Normally we wouldn’t disclose who we are voting for, but this year we are rooting for the fabulous Nicholas Cage. We support his platform of finding national treasures (#namedrop), muffling our words, and everyone deserving their own island. Our second choice would be that guy from Florida, Marc Ruffalo.

Stay weird, y’all.


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