Netflix and Me

Ever have those nights where you just want to stay in, snuggle in bed with a textbook (or three) in hand and just power through the hours working? It’s a nice feeling to be able to just enjoy the comfort of the heating system, the soft study-music covering the corners of my room, and the salience of the awesomeness of my company. When I find myself having to read the same passage three or four times, it is a signal that maybe it’s time for a break. And then conveniently right next to my textbook (or three) will be my laptop, already on Netflix and its bundle of possibilities.

However one thing missing from this blissful of an evening is the easily accessible supply of food. Hodgdon is great as it makes it a lot more conducive to etch in eating time while working, however its closing on weekends just make me feel as if I have to socialize Which is fine, I guess.

It is then during weekends like this that I am grateful for the return of the commons. What is a mere five minute walk to the campus center to get a fresh combo of chicken fingers and fries? Wooh I wish it were the weekend already. It was also during one these excursions that I discovered the beautiful array of sauces available. Ranch dressing, barbecue sauce, honey mustard, and so on and so on. I also discovered the little take-away boxes that are so slyly placed underneath the salad bar (honestly, who would think to look there of all places?)

So when I came back to my room with my chicken fingers glazed in ranch dressing and barbecue sauce along with fries, my work, my netflix, and me, I knew I had found the ideal Saturday night. It was Netflix and me, the sequel to Marley and Me.


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