Dress to Impress: Spring Fashion Tips

Now that we’ve had a few days of nice weather, it seems we’re finally in the clear of winter and with spring in sight, it’s time to dust off your warm-weather clothes. Spring is a great time for fashion because you can mix and match your winter and summer clothes to make fun, creative outfits. Here are a few tips on how to dress to impress this spring season.

1. Layering is key

Image via Glamour
Image via Glamour

Spring can be a difficult time to dress appropriately for the weather because as much as you want to wear sundresses and flats, the wind can pick up to an icy chill and you may find yourself shivering and miserable. Therefore, layering is key to dressing for spring. I like to add cardigans or open button-down shirts over my breezier tops, knee socks over my tights, sweaters over my sundresses, and scarves galore.

2. Experiment with color and pattern

Image via ImpFashion
Image via ImpFashion

The sun has emerged from its dismal hibernation, and so should your colorful and fun clothes! Spring is a great time to do a little experimenting with mixing colors and patterns, especially if you’re layering as well. Try some unexpected color combinations that mix the seasons, such as summery mint green and wintery maroon, and play with patterns as well (gingham is particularly popular this season).

3. Try out new trends

Image via Cosmopolitan
Image via Cosmopolitan

There are a ton of exciting new trends for spring 2015. Some of my favorites include 1970s bohemian styles, gingham, crop tops, and, of course, the return of florals. You can try some of these trends out for a low cost by checking out trendy fast-fashion stores like Forever21. My personal preference is to dig through the racks at thrift stores like Goodwill – after all, everything old is new again.

4. Accessorize!

Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest

It’s easy to become lazy with accessories during winter when all you wear every day is leggings, sweaters, and snow boots. Now that we’ve shed these cumbersome, albeit comfy layers, it’s time to break out the accessories again. Try layering your necklaces, experiment with ear cuffs and jackets, rock some colorful sunglasses or a fringed bag. There are limitless options when it comes to accessories and you can often get them very cheap from fast fashion stores or thrift shops.


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