Wednesday Weekend Roundup

Tufts China Care’s LUX 2015 Fashion Show

Thursday April 2, 9pm, Cohen Auditorium

Tickets required

The LUX Fashion Show, Tufts University’s hottest charity performance event, is BACK for its 8th year on April 2nd, 2015! Come see 40 Tufts student models strut their stuff in high-end designer looks on the Cohen stage at 9 PM; we promise it will be a night you won’t forget!

LUX is Tufts China Care’s biggest fundraiser of the year! In the past, Tufts China Care has worked with Half the Sky to sponsor life-changing surgeries for orphaned children. However, due to a generous donation from the ChunHui organization, all of the surgeries have been funded! Therefore, Tufts China Care is focusing on providing foster families for orphaned children through the Family Village Program. For more information, please check out our video we made about our new cause:

Battle of the Bands 2015

Friday April 3, 9pm, Hotung

Five artists…one night…ONE WINNER. Come to Hotung Friday April 3rd at 9pm to watch the battle go down! The winner gets to open at Spring Fling! #getflung

Here’s the lineup:
Shark Saddle

A panel of highly qualified judges will select the winner. Wow!

contact us at or with any qs.

Bare Bodkin Presents DOCTOR FAUSTUS

Friday April 3 9pm & Saturday April 4 7pm & 9pm, Barnum 008

Admission is free and open to the public.

The play follows Doctor John Faustus, a professor at Wittenberg University, as he sells his soul to the Devil for twenty-four years for unlimited magical powers. The Devil gives Faustus the custody of Mephistopheles to do his bidding. The two travel around Europe pulling pranks and conjuring demon and spirits.

This production mixes different sources, mediums, and cultural movements. Our script uses text from both the 1604 and the 1616 publications. To demonstrate the different worlds of the play—mortal and demonic—the production will incorporate different artistic movements of the 20th century. Faustus belongs to the Beat generation; a time where people began to embrace humanity, sexuality, religion, and reject materialism and the status quo. The demonic world, however, belongs to the Punk movement of the 1970s and 80s; a movement that celebrates anti-establishment sentiments and individualism. The separation of the two worlds will also be highlighted by the use of the puppets. The demons and spirits will be represented by both hand and shadow puppets. Nearly all the actors in the show will be puppeteers at one point.

Major: Undecided Presents: France France Revolution

Friday April 3, 10pm, Cabot Auditorium

Tired of monarchs telling you to eat cake? Ready to storm the Bastille? Confused about the French Revolution and your roommate isn’t being clear about what happened? THEN, come on down to Major: Undecided‘s LAST SHOW OF THE YEAR (maybe). We’ll be investigating the French Revolution and its inherent connection to DANCE VIDEO GAMES.

“I’ve heard the French Revolution is the novelization of A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.” – Anonymous

ALSO, BU’s Slow Children At Play will be opening for us!

Tea Around the World

Friday April 3, 6:45pm, The Rez

Come join the Culinary Society to enjoy teas and treats from Turkey, England, China, Japan, and India.

Join us for shortbread, samosas, baklava, and more!


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