7 Packing Tips for Spring Break

Spring Break is almost upon us, and if you’re one of the lucky ones jetting off to some exotic (or not-so-exotic) location, here are the best tips to keep yourself organized and stress-free while packing.

1. Plan your outfits

The best tip to stay organized while packing for a trip is to plan your outfits in advance. For each day you’re going to be away, pick an outfit you’re going to wear. This can change when you’re actually in the moment, but having a game plan makes things a lot easier. Choose versatile pieces that can be re-used in different outfits.

2. Bring easy pieces

Don’t bring your best silk shirt that can only be dry cleaned. When traveling, you want to bring items that can be easily cleaned and laundered. Cotton, denim, polyester, rayon, and other such casual materials are the best for this. If you have a fancy event and need to bring a suit or nice dress, try packing it in a garment bag to avoid getting it ruined.

3. Don’t forget toiletries

This holds especially true if you’re going somewhere where you won’t have easy access to a CVS. Double-check your bag before you leave and make sure you have all your toiletry essentials (toothpaste, shampoo, etc.).

4. Remember TSA regulations

In regards to the above tip about toiletries, also don’t forget about TSA regulations on liquids if you’re going to be getting on a plane this break. Nothing is worse than getting stuck in the security line because you forget that you left an entire bottle of contact lens solution in your carry-on. Plan ahead and make sure you don’t go over the TSA limits.

5. Just-in-case items

It always helps to have a few just-in-case items on hand when you go on vacation. For example, I never go anywhere without an umbrella or rain jacket and a warm sweater. You never know when it’s going to suddenly downpour or get freezing cold.

6. Do your laundry before you go

Don’t fall into the trap of “oh I’ll just do my laundry when I get there!” Trust me, you won’t. Even if it’s a pain, do your laundry before you leave for your trip. Having clean clothes to put on when you arrive, exhausted and jet lagged, is well worth the hassle.

7. Don’t overpack

This is a huge mistake that tons of people make when they travel. They start throwing in little extras, thinking “Maybe I’ll wear this, who knows!” Well, I know. I know that you will most definitely not wear your fedora hat in Cancun or your 5-inch wedges in Amsterdam. The only thing they’ll do is weigh down your suitcase and make you wish you’d left a little extra room for souvenirs. So do yourself a favor and leave them at home. Look at your suitcase with a critical eye and discard anything you can’t say for absolutely certain that you will wear or use on your trip.


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