Calm Before the Storm

I feel as though I was tech last week and here I am in the last week of rehearsals for Into the Woods before we launch into tech. Granted, we have spring break thrown into our rehearsal schedule, but we are essentially at tech week… again.

It can be said over and over again, but tech is stressful for anyone involved in the production for a multitude of different reasons. For actors, directors, stage managers, designers, run crew, literally everyone is feeling the pressure of tech week and ultimately of opening night. However, with spring break in the middle, I have the opportunity to relax and gather myself before all hell breaks loose. And by relax, I mean get ahead on all of my homework and cram in two weeks of sleep into six days while I waste away in Long Island. Or maybe I’ll actually go into NYC and gallivant around, but knowing me, I probably will say inside and stress about all the work I have and do all of it WHO KNOWS.

It’s very much a calm before the storm sentiment, with tech as an ominous figure looming at the end of break. But, I will be (hopefully) very prepared and rested by the time I get back to campus, ready to conquer tech and open an absolutely stunning show. Like, this show is gorgeous. And yes I’m biased, but guys. It’s beautiful (in fact so beautiful that you should go pick up FREE tickets tomorrow from the Aidekman Box Office).

Maybe it’s because I’m in the middle of a very busy week or possibly because I do indeed have a lot of work, but somehow the extra 20 hours of rehearsal are actually relaxing and give me a break from academic stressors. It’s a different sort of stress that’s associated with theatre, but maybe it is more of anticipation than anything. I’m thoroughly excited about tech, to be honest, and I cannot wait to see what this show will look like all put together.

But for right now, I’m going to enjoy spring break and hopefully prepare enough to create a smooth tech environment for myself. It’s going to be wonderful to sleep until noon and live solely in my pajamas for the next week. I probably will still be in my pajamas all of tech week, but you know, then I’ll be making a fashion statement rather than indulging in my laziness.

So here is to spring break and to tech week, and odd sense of peace before I’m totally enveloped in the world of Into the Woods, anxiously awaiting opening night. And I’m so excited to see what happens.


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