Rachel and Merilla’s Dining Hall Hacks

As many of you know, the two of us are incapable of getting a meal without each other. Our countless hours of waiting in line for omelettes at Carm and eating each potato option have given us time to become Gourmands. We now want to share with you all our most complex and challenging hacks we’ve created.

1. Peanut butter and Cinnamon Toast Crunch

This concoction puts the “delicious” in deliciousness. The first step is to get a bowl, and not just a salad bowl, but the bowls reserved for soup. You need something sturdy to handle this awesomeness. Then, add Cinnamon Toast Crunch, peanut butter and milk. Now if you’re asking yourself, “Why Cinnamon Toast Crunch? Why not Life?” Well first of all, we aren’t savages. If you’re really suggesting Life to us, you need to get your life together. Second of all, Cinnamon Toast is not only strong enough to support the peanut butter, but all the flavors come together in harmony.

2. DIY Macaroni & Cheese

We all know the godliest food in the entire cosmos is macaroni and cheese. But what do you do when the dining hall doesn’t offer it every single day? Besides writing a strongly worded letter to your local Congressman about the lack of mac and cheese, we got the scoop. You take some of the macaroni pasta, add some of the cheese from the salad bar, and put it in the microwave. It’ll taste just like your grandma’s mac and cheese. Probably not. But it will taste edible.

3. Iced Coffee

Believe it or not, this one is trickier than it seems. Not only do you have to use the iced coffee machine in Carm, but you also have to add ice to your drink before you do this. Now you might be asking yourself, “Isn’t ice intuitive in making iced coffee?” And the answer is no. One of us *cough cough Merilla* got the iced coffee sans ice and went, “wow this isn’t iced coffee. More like lukewarm coffee.”

4. Warmed Up Cookies

Ok so everyone’s go to is putting cookies in the microwave to make them gooey and delicious. That’s child’s play. We put our cookies in the toaster. Now, is this “against the rules?” Possibly. Does it “create a mess?” Almost certainly. Do we care? No – we are rebels and don’t abide by the rules.**

5. Peanut butter and…jelly?

You read right folks, we are shaking it up by ending this list with a brand new invention. This is level 78 in cooking, so beginners don’t try this at home (or at your residential dining halls). First, you get two slices of bread. We are giving you guys artistic free reign here because you can choose to toast it or not. Then, one piece of bread should be covered in peanut butter. Then, the other should be smothered in jelly (strawberry, grape, the possibilities are endless). Finally, in the climactic moment of the century, put these two pieces of bread together. You will hear a chorus of angels singing in the background.

**Just kidding we are too paranoid to break TUDS rules, we just wanted to seem rebellious and suave.


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