A Guide to Late-Night Food

Have you ever been in the situation where it’s past midnight and you need to eat? Viscerally. As in, if you do not eat, something bad is going to happen. Is it specifically a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night (and whatever that entails)? Here are three places right by campus that will satisfy the urge for late night comestibles:

  1. Moe’s. This cart dishes out the greasiest, arguably grimiest, and almost the most appropriate late-night food of the places on this list. Moe and his little red cart of bar food goodness appears at the intersection of Packard and Pro-Row (kitty corner from the tennis courts) on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. Cash is king at Moe’s, so no dice if you go wallet-less on your nights out. In fact, the only thing that could make Moe’s better (besides coming to campus during the winter) is if it took JumboCash (Moe, you will grow your market 1000% if you do this).
  1. Helen’s. Short version: Blue Zone. Long version: Helen’s Roast Beef is open ‘til three in the morning every day, which makes it ideal for last ditch efforts to find food any night of the week. They have pizza, but it isn’t really worth considering. The calzones are another story, however; most of them are good on any occasion, and some of them are revelatory on a special occasion like a Friday night out on the town. Supposedly Helen’s has the town’s best roast beef too (the place’s full name is Helen’s Roast Beef and Pizza). Who knew?
  1. The Commons. Everyone was excited when this place came back, because it plays a pivotal role in late-night campus life on Tufts’ weekends – it basically gives the campus center a reason to exist. The food is fine (not fine as in Michelin star fine, fine as in okay). Meal swipes are accepted after 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays, making The Commons the ideal place for those who hate the idea of handling cash.

Bon apetite!


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