Rachel’s Guide to Drake’s New Album

This week, I, Rachel Loumiet Allen (so there’s no confusion), will be writing a review on Drake’s new “album” (mixtape), “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.” I was hesitant asking Merilla for help on this review as she thought the very successful rapper Kendrick Lamar was Kris Humphries. That’s right guys, in her mind, Kendrick Lamar was a full-time NBA playing, tall, white dude who just so happened to rap as a side-gig. What an easy mistake to make, right? Putting my trepidation aside, I asked Merilla what her thoughts were on Drake’s surprise mixtape. Her response was “No way that dude from Drake & Josh put out a new album? Awesome!” So it looks like I’m riding solo on this one (Merilla in the background: “Hey is that a Drake song?”) Sorry in advance if this isn’t as zesty and/or weird as our usual entries as I am without my zanier half, Merilla.

Drake shows some real growth as an artist in this album because he never references driving his Acura “back in the days” like he used to. My sources tell me this mixtape was just leftover tracks that didn’t make the cut on his previous albums. To be honest, this kind of makes sense once you listen to the album. I’m not saying his new songs are bad, but just that it sounds like everything he’s ever done before. With all of this said, here are the most memorable parts of the album in my opinion (which is definitely a respectable opinion).

1. Legend

Somebody is a little self-centered. Drake is already convinced he is the best his city can do, so everyone needs to step back and chill. This takes the pressure off his hometown: since they can’t be better than him they can have no aspirations in life. Moral of the story: aspirations are useless.

2. Madonna

This song has some really interesting backstory. It is actually a follow up to the classic Beatles song, “Lady Madonna”. The similarities are obvious: both songs are about this lady named Madonna and how classy she is.

3. Star67

Drake has a major #tbt moment in this song. Remember when you could block caller ID and taunt the pizza delivery worker, but then bear your soul to him and pray for an emotional connection? No? Just me?

4. Wednesday Night Interlude

Ok is this a sequel to that song “Tuesday”? Are too many people going to the club on a Tuesday that now they need to go on another day? Am I only capable of speaking in questions?

5. Hold on, We’re Going Home

This beat is dope. This song is the true hidden gem of this conglomeration of dropped tracks.

6. 6PM in New York

Drake drops little known facts all throughout this album. In this song, he says that the best time of day in New York is 6PM. Everything is popping while tourists eat at the best pizza place in NYC, Sbarro.

If reading is too boring for you, here are my specific takeaways from the album: Drake is from Canada, he is a rapper, the album artwork is very messy (but on purpose?), and Drake likes the number 6.

I give this album 6 seasoned wedges out of 10 seasoned fries. Whatever that means.


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