Icicles: Majestic or Terrifying?

Ah, the majestical icicles of Tufts University. Maybe you’ve seen them, elegantly hanging off the side of a building, subtly threatening the lives of the poor souls who happen to walk under them.  

A few of the more threatening ones melted/broke off this week after Sunday’s heat wave, but some still remain. Be wary. 

1. Goddard


These icicles are friendly; they are out of the way and are quite beautiful. Walk around the chapel, though, or attempt to go in and you’re faced with this:


A ROW of cold ice threatening the live of those who enter.

2. Random Power Line11001388_1056627044353374_25239985_oYeah, that’s right. An icicle…
On a POWER LINE. Nothing about that seems safe.

3. Zeta Beta Tau House

11003111_1057789164237162_1094701783_oEh, pretty non-threatening, and nice to look at.

4. Pax et Lox

11002915_1056611521021593_1080037838_oThe whole Campus Center vicinity seems to be a minefield of these icy babies. Mind your head if you want Kosher sandwiches.

5. Campus Center


This is probably the largest icicle on campus… and this isn’t even all of it. The end of it has broken off in the past week, but it is still pretty impressive. Not located over any pathways (though perhaps the weight is dangerous to the roof…), this one is a lovely sight to look at.

Walk around to lower campus center, and you have this lovely monster.


It hangs there, daring you to walk under it, hoping that you will test fate. And you do… just with a quicker step than normal. Though disturbingly sharp and scary, engineering students have assured us that the icicle would probably not be able to pierce a human skull. No one was reassured.

11002126_1056611597688252_97818839_oWinter is not over, but we are happy to report that there have been no icicle-related injuries or deaths so far this year.

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