Top Three Ethiopian Places in Boston

Once you tried injera in your life, you will never forget the magical taste of herbs and spices that are typical for the East African region. If you are not familiar with the Eritrean-Ethiopian cuisine, here a quick rundown:

Injera is the flatbread made from sourdough that is served with every Eritrean-Ethiopian dish. There is wot, a stew usually prepared with either beef, chicken, or lamb and flavored with the spice berbere. Other traditional dishes include tibs (sautéed meat and vegetables) and kitfo (raw minced meat flavored with mitmita). There is also a great variety of vegetable and vegan dishes.

Since Ethiopian food culture arrived in the mainstream, let’s take a look at the top three Ethiopian restaurants in Boston.

1. Asmara  

739 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge 

Asmara Restaurant in Central Square
Asmara Restaurant in Central Square (via)

My absolute favorite restaurant in the bunch has to be Asmara in Central Square. You walk into the world of a Habesha family when entering the family-style restaurant. This might be the only Eritrean restaurant and the region, and every time I go there, I feel at home. I have the highest expectations when it comes to the cuisine that I grew up with, and Asmara fulfills my cravings for injera the best. Take your friends on a weekend and definitely try the honey wine!

2.  Addis Red Sea 

544 Tremont Street, Boston 

Addis Red Sea Restaurant in Downtown
Addis Red Sea Restaurant in Downtown (via)

You are in downtown Boston and want something different than pizza or burgers? You should check out Addis Red Sea. Similar to Asmara you can expect a homely atmosphere and the availability of traditional seating, which makes for a unique food experience. I recently started eating Kitfo, and Addis’ combination plate offers the tartar-like dish with three additional vegetarian dishes. As with Asmara you get a lot for your money.




3. Fasika 

145 Broadway, Somerville 

Fasika Restaurant in Somerville
Fasika Restaurant in Somerville (via)

You don’t have to leave the area to get some doro wot. Close to Assembly Row is Fasika (which means in Amharic/Tigrinya Easter), another family-style restaurant. The best thing about this restaurant is that they offer one of my favorite dishes, dulot that includes tripe and liver. If you want to try something new, make sure to order some, you will not regret it!


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