Top Ten YouTube Beauty Gurus

If you’re hopeless with hair and makeup like I was a few years ago, look no further than the wonderful world of YouTube. In the last several years, YouTube gurus have emerged as important influences in the beauty and fashion community. However, with this huge influx of videos telling you how to do your hair, your eyeshadow, the perfect cat eye, and more, it can be difficult to navigate. For your viewing pleasure, I’ve rounded up the top ten best beauty gurus on YouTube (in no particular order). Each has her own particular speciality, so there’s something for everyone.

1. Beauty Broadcast (Emilynoel83)

Emily has been one of my long-time favorites on YouTube because of her easy-to-follow tutorials and excellent product recommendations. She uses a ton of drugstore products, which makes her channel great for college girls on a budget. Some of my favorite videos of Emily’s are her one-brand tutorials and the annual Emily Awards in which she names her top products in each category for the year.

2. Cutepolish

If you’re into nail art, Cutepolish is the YouTube channel for you. Many other nail art tutorials on YouTube can be confusing and require a lot of tools and colors, but Cutepolish tutorials are simple, adorable, and usually require only a toothpick or dotting tool.

3. Jaclyn Hill

For a true, glamorous make-up artist’s take on beauty, check out Jaclyn Hill. She puts out some of the best tutorials for smokey eyes and glamorous, date night makeup. Jaclyn also is incredibly personable and funny, so her videos are fun to watch while also teaching you how to look like you got your makeup done professionally.

4. MissChievous (Julia Graf)

Along the same lines as Jaclyn Hill, Julia Graf is another incredible professional makeup artist on YouTube. If you’re looking for colorful, creative tutorials that push the boundaries of fashion, Julia’s channel will be perfect for you. Her Halloween makeup tutorials are also incredible to watch, and she provides great inspiration for aspiring makeup artists.

5. Kayley Melissa

Kayley Melissa’s channel is hands-down my favorite for hair tutorials. I’m notoriously boring with my hair, and Kayley gives me tons of great ideas for simple, fun styles that can work on almost any hair type. She is bubbly and excellent at giving instructions and showing exactly how to do that tricky waterfall braid or fancy updo.

6. Cherry Dollface

For the retro girl who loves the 1950s look, Cherry Dollface has everything you need. Her tutorials cover everything from basic retro hairstyles to intricate victory rolls, how to create the perfect retro cat eye, and much more.

7. Pixi Woo (Sam and Nic Chapman)

Pix Woo is the dynamic duo of two British sisters who are both professional makeup artists. Their tutorials range from simple everyday styles to high-end runway looks. Some of my favorite tutorials of theirs are the celebrity-inspired ones. They’re tons of fun to watch and you can really improve your makeup techniques by following their instructions.

8. Kandee Johnson

Kandee Johnson is one of the most fun and truly talented makeup artists on YouTube. She has hundreds of tutorials, from crazy transformations to more wearable styles. Her Halloween videos are superb every year, and she has a plethora of useful advice for all different skin tones, eye colors, face shapes, etc.

9. Goss Makeup Artist (Wayne Goss)

One of the standout male makeup artists on YouTube and in the real world, Goss’s channel is a gold mine for professional tips and tricks. Goss’ vast experience in the makeup world makes him the best resource on YouTube for information about how real makeup artists work on clients. Some of his best videos are about skin: how to contour and highlight, how to make your skin look good in photos – you name it, he’s got it.

10. Makeup Geek TV (Marlena)

Finally, rounding out the list is Marlena of Makeup Geek, a true veteran of YouTube and her experience shows through her ultra-helpful videos. Her tutorials are wearable and beautiful, and she tailors her videos to different budgets, skin colors, eye colors, and more. She also has a great series about her weight loss journey and how she lost over 100 pounds the healthy way. Marlena is a beauty inspiration an excellent role model.


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