Just Another Normal Day

Our dear Leslie Knope is filled with great ideas, thoughts, and intentions all the time. From her ballads for Ann Perkins, obsession with waffles, and her belief that turtles are condescending (we couldn’t argue with that one), she has proved again and again that she is one of the best role models. Galentine’s Day, however, isn’t an entirely original concept of celebrating this day with friends, but Ms. Leslie Knope certainly does it best.

It was actually a relatively normal day for me and there wasn’t much evidence of the occasion, apart from the chocolates handed out by a friend, a packet of candy stuck to my door from my RA, Buzzfeed articles bombarding my Facebook newsfeed, cutesy Instagram posts with heart captions, and best of all, the snapchat varieties of people with their baes. I mean, it wasn’t too different from every other day.

So I went along with my almost secured routine after the many snow days of dance practice, meetings, work, food, gym (not in this order particularly) and got ready for my version of Galentine’s Day. Our dress code was to wear pink, red, or white, and I, being a stickler for rules, wore a black romper with leggings. Again, it seemed like any other Saturday, until I stepped onto the Joey.

The moment I walked in, I immediately had the urge to step out. Every seat was occupied by a couple, with their heads nestled together, adorable smiles inches away from each other, and a bag or box or packet of chocolate tucked in between them. It was too cute and sweet and adorable and all that, but there was only a limit, which I found out to be a second, to what I could take of it. I was also the only one standing. It was interesting to see how people were actually on time for the Joey and we didn’t have any stragglers rushing into the doors last minute(Valentine’s Day produces very punctual people), apart from my friends who dashed in the remaining few seconds before the Joey lifted off.

If anyone wants to know of a great line-up of food for Galentine’s day, I highly recommend some warm ramen topped up with Frozen Hoagies to end the night. The overload of ice cream, cookies, and chocolate leaves you in a food coma that just makes you forget about all the worries you have and happy about the protruding belly keeping you company while you Netflix girly films for the night.



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