It’s Galentine’s Day!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, in my book the least romantic day of the year dedicated to the mass consumption of chocolate and where roses are marked up for like a gazillion percent. I don’t even like roses.

As an independent woman*, I decided not to pity myself watching all ten seasons of Friends (again) while eating a box of chocolate in under five minutes. I’m planning a get-together with my girl friends and make this day go down as the best Galentine’s Day in history. Inspired by Amy Poehler’s fictional character Leslie Knope, it’s time to put hoes before bros and

galentine's day

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I now present you some awesome ideas for you and your girl friends to spend this day that doesn’t include a bucket of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie or crying yourself to sleep.

It’s the freaking weekend baby, so the best way to start any day, no less Galentine’s Day is having brunch. I love the Nutella stuffed French Toast that you can get at SoundBites, but there are other places near campus you can check out. If you want to branch out, Thrillist has great suggestions as well.

Now that you are buzzed thanks to the Mimosas you drank with your brunch food, it’s time to get a nice medi-pedi. If you’re like me, the cold, dry weather is ruining your nail beds and cuticles, so you need to get them done anyway. And with your girl friends it’s even more fun! Make sure to make an appointment, it can get crowded on weekends.

The new year is almost two months old, but it’s not too late reinvent yourself. Maybe you are like me, a senior whose life is going to change dramatically in a few months and you have no clue what to do about yourself. Maybe you just broke up with your boyfriend of two years, and you just want to make a cut. I mean this quite literally. Go to a hair salon and get a fresh and new hairstyle. You need a new look? Your girl friends can be your personal shopper for the day and help you pick out new outfits for dating, or school/work that still fit your personality!

galentine's day

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After getting your nails and hair did, and walking Newbury Street up and down, you might be exhausted. Time for dinner! If you were smart enough, you got a reservation in 2014. Otherwise it can be hard to find something spontaneously, because all these sappy fools think they can impress a girl with a candlelight dinner. Galentine’s Day is not about roses and romance!



There are three alternatives:

a) Take a cooking class with your gals: Of course you need to book this in advance, but I think it’s a great idea to learn how to make a mess in the kitchen by a professional, one address is the ArtEpicture Cooking School, located in Somerville.

b) You can make your own little dinner party! Go to the nearest supermarket and buy ingredients to create a delicious feast for you and your ladies.

c) If you are too lazy or untalented there is always the option to get food delivered. There are many food choices available for everyone.

The party doesn’t have to stop after dinner. There are two things you can do that are equally fun: stay in and have a sleepover OR go out, have cocktails, and dance the night away.

Sleepovers can include face masks, silly games, and horror movies. As an ambivert, I sometimes prefer staying in. You still can dance the night away and get trashed on cheap wine.

But a night out can be legendary, and that’s what we want! You can find a great variety in Boston that is fun, some addresses if you’re clueless:

Highball Lounge, Hongkong, Howl At The Moon, Lolita, Royale, Scholars.



I hope you gals all have a fantastic Galentine’s Day no matter what you do. Just remember: love yourself!


*Independent sounds much better than single imho.



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