The Domino Effect

When I was a kid, I thought I’d uncovered this amazing phenomenon. What if one thing directly effected another? What if, by not doing one specific thing, the rest of your life would be different? (Whoa, deep stuff).

I remember thinking about this, and thinking, “Whoa, do people know about this??” Talk about being eight and thinking you understood the world, right?

But ever since then, there are some moments where I think this magnificent “domino effect.”

I found a picture today of a small village in Thailand where I stayed for a few weeks last year. It was this small mountain village I never would have know existed (let alone encountered) without a very precise strain of events. And it all started with the first time I rode a motorbike by myself.

I had finally decided to rent a motorbike my first day in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It was just an easier way to get around, and after a quick lesson from a friend, I gave it a try. Let’s just say I was one of those travelers, who was probably incredibly dangerous to the local traffic. But, I was fine; after taking my time driving through some of the smaller streets, I headed out… and ended up on the expressway, which REALLY freaked me out.

Point of the story is, at the end of the day, I pulled back into my hostel, and, well kind of ran into a wall as I parked. I caught the attention of a nice German girl with a leg brace, and after a while, I sat down and talked with her. I met her bother, and her Thai boyfriend, and we had a great night getting to know each other.

A few bars and multiple Chang’s (Thai beer) later, I was invited to a wedding in a small Thai mountain village, spent the next week with some of the best friends I made while traveling, and made some memories I will probably never forget.

All which never would have happened if I hadn’t sucked at driving that first day, or if I hadn’t decided on renting a motorbike in the first place. Or even if I had declined the invitation of a couple people I’d just met.

Did it all happen for a reason? Fate, I dare say? Pure chance? Well, I guess we can say that about anything ever in life.

I’m a bit of a romantic. I like to believe we have choices, but that everything happens for a reason. And I’m glad most things, the good and the bad, seem to happen that way.

But my point is that crazy things in life can happen, even when you least expect it, and sometimes the best thing to do is just to go with it. And it happens especially when you on the road, surrounded by ever-changing conditions and people. You might surprise yourself, and life might surprise you right back. It’ll probably always work itself out, and it might even make an amazing memory (or at least a great story).

Call me mushy, but hey — I did mention I was a (hopeless) romantic.

village 2


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