In Which This Becomes My Theme Song


Please press play before reading the rest of this post….

No, not a Gob Illusions show a la Arrested Development, but Is He Dead? the winter department show here at our ever so snowy, Tufts.

Is He Dead? opens tomorrow night and tech was surprisingly painless (save the corset). It was a long process to get here, as the show stretched over two semesters and through winter break, but finally we have arrived.

Opening night is always an interesting experience, especially for a comedy. You can try to predict as much as you can when the audience is going to laugh, if gags will go perfectly, or if doors won’t lose their knobs (#tbt LMAT). However, that’s the beauty of live theatre: the unexpected. Every show is it’s own entity and every night is different from the last. Though I’ve never experienced a run of a show longer than eight nights, it still takes some discipline to make the show new to yourself, especially with a rehearsal process this long.

Though, to be perfectly honest, I am exhausted. There is a nothing like wearing a corset for ten hours. I will never underestimate the feeling of sweatpants and loose sweaters as a complete outfit. You would think this is something rather glamorous as you watch your waist shrink before your eyes, it’s also a little frightening, which was an added stressor to this particular tech process, adding to the designer bags under my eyes.

Somehow, tech is inevitably draining no matter the size of your part. Maybe it’s the corset, the hot lights, or the hours spent in the dressing room. Either way, it feels like you haven’t seen daylight for an eternity. I slept for eleven and half hours following tech on Sunday into Monday (thank you snow day), and if you know my insomniac ways, you would understand the extent of my exhaustion

Tech is a little tortuous, but this particular tech was rather smooth. We had cupcakes, coffee, doughnuts, costumes parades, fart sound cues, and overall a pretty great time getting some solid work done.

Of course, now we wait for the show to open. We’ve lost a day of tech to snow already and could possibly lose more, possibly even a performance. So you know, we’re all a little on edge in regards to the show and the snow.

But it’s live theatre. The show simply must go on, despite the snow and the exhaustion.

(buy your tickets for Is He Dead? from the Aidekman Box Office ❤ ❤ yay)


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