What People Actually Do on Snow Days

I never thought I would see the day where words “snow day” are met with an ecstatic cheer, then a muffled groan. Instead of dropping pens, papers, laptops, or any tool of education and making spontaneous plans for the rest of day (or night), fingers frantically log into emails to check about impending work that may be due or even conference calls that may be scheduled.

Facebook statuses have transitioned from “Snow Day!!!” to “Mondays no longer exist,” with no semblance of an emotion hinted. Moreover, someone even went so far as to admit that his (or her- gotta keep it anonymous) snow day was actually productive. What.

But for most of us mere mortals, productivity is not the goal or destination. Actually, the threshold for a productive day is so dangerously lowered, that just getting up and wearing sweats and a jacket to Dew or Carm is considered a success. I hear bits and bouts of people’s snow days, and the possibilities of a successful one are endless. Here are a few:

  • Netflixin’ Friends or Gilmore Girls (honestly people should be done with the latter by now)
  • Sledding (although this is getting a little old now, like the snow day itself)
  • Waking up in the early evening from festivities from the night before
  • Setting up camp at Carm or Dew for food, warmth, and friends
  • Staying in the room and actually getting work done
  • Staying in the room and attending conference calls while Facebook-ing
  • Staying in the room and attending conference calls without Facebook-ing
  • Online shopping
  • Skyping
  • Baking
  • Working out in the contours of a room or common room
  • Cleaning
  • Doing laundry
  • Blogging
  • Spring Break planning
  • Summer planning for those who have friends and time management skills to already have planned spring break

Some people have even managed to do all of the above in one snow day. That really isn’t doing snow day right. Well, here’s looking forward to our first full week of school in about two weeks- a month and a half into the semester. Till then, enjoy some hot chocolate, Christmas music, or whatever it is you want to do.




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