The Official List of Building Personalities

Have you ever wondered what the personality of each of the buildings on campus is? Neither had I until the fourth snow day found my roommate and I coming up with anything to entertain us – Netflix was not a viable option, and neither was going outside. From our perch up on the third floor of Carm we had first class seats to the snowy extravaganza that was Monday and witnessed many a journey made by residents of the Upper Hill Side to the dining hall in our basement. Anyway, here is a rough idea of what we came up with for each building on the Academic Quad:

Barnum: The mystery kid in class. One day you think you know your way around them, then turn a corner in your relationship, and bam! Everything you thought you knew is completely different.

Olin: A young, up and comer that tries to fit in, and does a pretty good job on the outside, but inside refuses to conform to your expectations.

West: Regal, but would definitely be a Ravenclaw.

Bendetson: This guy is the classic overachiever, and he’s not getting any more lenient with age – it seems like he just gets more demanding with every year.

Packard: The intellectual of the group. He’s a nice guy, but he also talks a lot.

East: That kid that no one really knows.

Braker: This guy is smart. What he lacks in personality he’ll make up for by schooling you in philosophy and math (at the same time).

Paige: The one that everyone uses for its cool toys, but never sticks around to get to know better.

Miner: From a time when mutton chops were all the rage, this building is a sage.

Eaton: The old guy who calls his grandchildren for tech support.

Goddard Chapel: The one who is friends with everyone on campus.

Ballou: The old man on the quad, Ballou is set in his ways. Sits up straight, stands with perfect posture and looks like the incarnation of the Brookes Brothers’ catalog.

The list may seem succinct and buttoned-up, but it is the product of intense debate, crushed hopes, spilt blood, evaporated sweat and shed tears (but only a few, I promise). If this irrefutable, undeniable, totally comprehensive and unquestionable list shows anything, it is that there is always a way to entertain yourself when stuck indoors, even if it’s for the fourth time.


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