A Day in the Life

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be us? We don’t blame you; our lives are pretty spectacular if we do say so ourselves. We’ve decided for this week’s post to take you through a typical day in the lives of this blogging duo.

We both have class at noon. We wake up and immediately text each other (#separationanxiety).

Rachel: Hey, are you awake?
Merilla: Yeah, yeah. Want to walk over to class together?
Rachel: Sounds good, see you in a bit.

Rachel: Uh…I haven’t gotten out of bed yet.
Merilla: Yeah, I’ve had to pee for 30 minutes.
Rachel: Dude, we have class in literally 10 minutes.

We both scramble out of bed, throw on yoga pants and a sweater, and take a nice jog (pronounced yog) up to the Quad. Rachel goes to Microeconomics and Merilla to Bio 14.

In class, we are extremely attentive.

Rachel: Um, I’m sitting next to Orlando Economos right now and he’s literally buying fisherman cardigans from Urban Outfitters in EC 60. Doesn’t he have enough cardigans?
Merilla (sweating nervously): Hahaha classic Orlando. He does the same thing during rehearsal. I would never do that. That’s so lame, right?

Sexy Latin Narrator from Jane The Virgin: Little did Rachel know, Merilla would definitely do that. In fact, she was also buying fisherman cardigans from Urban Outfitters at that exact moment.

Merilla: So, Carm has regular cut french fries and vegan “chicken” cutlet. Can we go there for lunch?
Rachel: Yeah, but Dewick has potato puffs and “real” bacon bits. We have to go there.
Merilla: Ugh. Potato puffs are so overrated.
Merilla: Take that back.
Rachel: This potato issue is putting a strain on our relationship. I don’t want to fight, Merilla. We’re better than this. Kosher Deli?
Merilla: Perfect!

At the Kosher Deli, we order the usual: Egg salad on white, hummus and pita, and a kosher pickle. We’ve found that eating the same meal gives us telepathic abilities. We’d like to give a shoutout to Tony, our favorite Kosher Deli employee, who always gives us an extra piece of pita and puts a smile on our faces. At this point, we are completely vegged out due to the carb overload. We check the Joey schedule and shamelessly take it from the lower Campus Center to Olin after waiting 20 minutes. Don’t judge us. You do it too. After much deliberation, we decide to go to the gym after a quick power nap.

Spongebob Squarepants narrator: 4…hours…later…

Rachel: Wait, I had a meeting at 3:00.
Merilla: I think I had class at 3:00. We’re a mess.
Rachel: Maybe if we still go to the gym we won’t feel bad about ourselves?

As we walk from Hillsides, we lament the fact that there isn’t a Joey shuttle to the gym. Once we get there, it’s crowded as usual. A solid 75% of the storage cabinets don’t have doors and half of the treadmills and ellipticals are out of order. At least we know the gym is having just as rough a time as we are. To keep our mind off the pain that comes from working out, we alternate between watching Gilmore Girls and listening to the Bachelorette Party Station on Pandora.

Merilla: Hey, maybe we could go try the free weights this time?
Merilla: Sike.
Rachel: Nice.

We usually go to Carm after the gym and pray for a good potato selection (read: seasoned anything). Our go-to backup meal is Cinnamon Toast Crunch with peanut butter. We plan to go to Eaton to study, hoping we can make the second half of day more productive than the first.

Sexy Latin Narrator: Here we see Rachel and Merilla in their natural habitat. Though they are both in the Eaton Computer Lab appearing to be studious, things are not always as they seem. If you look closely, you will see that Rachel is watching Real Housewives while Merilla is taking a Buzzfeed quiz.

Rachel: So…how much work have you gotten done?
Merilla:  Before I answer that, I’d like to pose a hypothetical situation: If I read The Odyssey in high school, do I really need to read The Iliad? They’re kind of a package deal, right? If I’ve read one, I’ve sort of read the other, haven’t I?
Rachel: Merilla, you were supposed to finish that book a week ago.
Merilla: We should go home and rest; we deserve it.

Sexy Latin Narrator: They, in fact, did not deserve it.

We sit in the common room, wondering how we managed to waste an entire day yet again.

Rachel: We’ll be better tomorrow. This was just an off day, you know?
Merilla: Oh, yeah. I mean, the nap threw us off. It’s totally not our fault. Also, our horoscopes this morning were only a 2/5. It’s not our fault that Fate is against us.

We proceed to continue procrastinating by alternating between episodes of Reign and Jane The Virgin.

Merilla: We have to be up in 6 hours…
Rachel: OK. Game plan: tomorrow, we actually work.
Merilla: Alright, sounds good.

That concludes a day in our life – yes, life in the singular form. We are one. You can call us Rachilla or Merchel, whatever you prefer. We’re normal(ish) people just like you. We like potatoes and take power naps! Feel free to follow us around if you ever need some entertainment.

Stay weird, y’all.


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