A Chat with Tufts’ Own YouTube Star

Tufts student are many things—they’re smart, they’re interesting, they’re creative… and sometimes they’re nosy. They’re are always talking about rumors they’ve heard, both in person and virtually (hello Yik Yak), and a lot of questions have been tossed around. How many snow days will the school actually let us have? Are we ever going to get a new Jumbo statue? Who’s that YouTube famous freshman?

Some questions have no answers, but one does: that YouTube famous freshman is Aaron Idelson. He currently has over 17,000 followers on YouTube, is from Cooperstown, New York, and he’s on the Tufts swim team. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Aaron in Dewick and ask him a few questions.

What exactly do you do?

“I started making YouTube videos in eighth grade-ish. I was just bored, because I’m from such a small town, so there was very little to do and very little to keep us all busy. So I just kind of made videos, talking about whatever I felt like, doing whatever I did, just kind of documented life—trying to be funny, trying to be entertaining. And just kind of stuck with it.”

When did you start getting popular on YouTube?

“I started making videos in like January of 2010, and then I started gaining a substantial amount of views, probably in like November 2010. It took a while.”

What was your most popular or favorite video?

“My most popular video was actually a book report that I made when I was a freshman in high school, a Hunger Games book report. It’s really bad, looking back at it.”

What is your favorite video?

“I’m really proud of the Beyoncé video, I like how that turned out. I’m really happy that we included basically the whole swim team, and it was just like a ton of fun to make.”

Has anything changed since coming to Tufts?

“It’s been very hard to balance it with everything else. I’ve had a lot of trouble coming up with ideas, but I’m working on it. But it’s mostly just the time.”

What do you like most about making videos?

“You can do whatever you want. No one tells you what to do. It can be as long or as short. It can be about anything you want. It’s a good creative outlet.”

You can check out the rest of Aaron’s videos on his YouTube channel, or you can wait around by the pool until he shows up for practice.


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