Prepare for Puppy Bowl XI

Superbowl Sunday can get a bit tiresome if you’re not a football fan. Enter the Puppy Bowl: The Puppy Bowl is the annual canine counterpart to the actual Superbowl that airs on Animal Planet at 3PM on Sunday, February 1st. The basic premise of the Puppy Bowl is that a group of adorable puppies “play football” and we viewers watch and squeal. It’s at least 300% cuter than watching actual football, and there is way less boring down time – just non-stop playful puppy action.

Damian Strohmeyer / Animal Planet
Damian Strohmeyer / Animal Planet

In addition to normal puppy playtime, this year’s Puppy Bowl will feature two distinct “teams,” Team Ruff and Team Fluff. The two teams will compete for the coveted “Lumbarki” trophy.

As a promotion strategy, on Wednesday, Puppy Bowl teamed up with ride app Uber to bring puppies to people in 10 cities across the country. People could log into the app, request a puppy to be delivered to their office, and then receive 15 minutes of cuteness for $30. All proceeds went to participating adoption organizations.

Need another reason to watch? There is a Kitty Half-Time Show and it is a masterful piece of pure cuteness. This year’s headliner: Katty Furry.

Watch the live stream of the puppies gearing up for the big game online at Animal Planet’s live puppy-cam.

For more information about Puppy Bowl XI and to meet all the puppies participating, check out Animal Planet’s website.


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