How To Be Warm and Cute at the Same Time

So I can safely say that no one is too upset about the snow day. A little birdie tells me that a cheer went around in the Carm dining hall yesterday, and I’m sure it resonated all over campus. Since it’s snow day, I understand if everyone opts for jammies and sweatshirts, because that’s what snow days are meant for: to be in the comfort of your own room with a nice mug of hot chocolate. And sparingly doing work because well, we still have school coming up.

It can get really difficult dressing up for the winter when all you’re worried about is basically staying warm. But when the weekend rolls around and you feel like heading into Boston, or you just feel like putting in a little more effort, it can be a trying and tiring process to create an ensemble that is warm and still kinda cute.

So I asked around for ways to dress up in the winter and still look presentable. Some of these may work for you. Some probably won’t. Criticise as much as you please.

Option# 1: Rompers/dresses and leggings

Rompers and cute dresses do not have to be exclusively worn during the summer. All you have to do is pair ‘em up with warm leggings, and ta-da, you look cute.

rompers and leggings

Option # 2: Leggings is where it’s at

It is almost a go-to scheme to go for the more somber color tones during winter. A mere patterned or colored legging can make you look different, a little more cheerful and it also makes you seem like you put some effort into your outfit.

Option # 3: Statement scarves

Well, it’s pretty self-explanatory isn’t it?


Option # 4: Belted Sweater

The staple look of a long sweater, pants, boots, and coat can get quite normal and routine very fast. A belt may just be the thing that gives the look the pop that it needs.


belted sweater

Option # 5: Jeggings and oversized sweaters 

This one is probably the most comfortable option, and it doesn’t make you look like you’re suffering one bit.

Option # 6: Vests

When the wind isn’t too strong, the snow isn’t falling, or when it gets just a tad bit warmer, a vest give an eh look a little eh-dge.



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