An Ode to the Snow Gods: Praying for a Snow Day

Oh Snow Gods, the college students at Tufts University beg for your good mercy. It is supposed to snow a crazy amount on Monday night and Tuesday. Please ensure that this comes to pass.

We build a shrine to you, composed of a DVD of Frozen and paper snowflakes. Smile upon us, Snow Gods, bury this campus in snow the way Elsa turned Arendelle into a glittery wintry wonderland. We can’t let this hope go.

The students of Tufts are weary. Sure, we’ve only been in school for a couple of weeks, but life is difficult. Classes are overwhelming, and we need a break to sleep and make snowmen on the lawn. Snow Gods, we ask you to make this campus so icy and gross that the administration has no choice but to give us a snow day.

Living in New England has its detriments; six months of winter is not ideal. But this wintry atmosphere can be beneficial to student interests as well. Since the dawn of time—or at least, the dawn of school—snow days have been celebrated by students as an oasis of happiness in a cruel, study-filled world.

If you lived in a snowy area as a kid, you know that snow days are the best. Your mom would wake you up at around 6 with the good news: “There’s a snow day, sweetie. You can sleep in.” You would wake up late in the day, feeling refreshed. The first thing you did was get dressed to go outside. You looked out into the world, clean and full of snow. You pulled an Anna and you wanted to build a snowman. It was the perfect day.

Snow Gods, we want to recapture this whimsy. We want to recapture the happiness of childhood, the brilliance of the snow day. Be kind to us, Snow Gods. Let Winter Storm Juno be a big one Bequeath to us a snow day.


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