The Return of the Commons

It’s bigger, it’s better, but is it badder?

Tufts students have managed to survive an entire semester without the Commons Marketplace, a phenomenon that had previously been the saviour of many late-nights on weekends. Now no longer foreign to first-years, this Tufts experience has finally opened up… but to somewhat mixed reviews.

The new kinks include SIZZLE, offering the likes of Beef Burgers with guacamole available as an extra addition (a game changer for all, but to be honest something people should have already thought of doing at Dewick). For those on the healthier end of the spectrum, TOSS offers made-to-order salads. I guess the fact that someone else shakes the salad bowl for you makes it a merited upgrade from the one you make yourself in Dewick or Carmichael. Or at least it looks a whole lot more professional.

There are a variety of drinks offered in refrigerators just like in Hodgdon, but with a slightly snazzier name sprawling above called REFRESH. Oh, and there are also granola bars like the ones offered in Hodgdon. But wait. There still remains the freshly made French fries and chicken fingers, a favourite for late-night munchers back in the day when we had the old Commons. MIX & MATCH is the serve yourself hot bar, salad bar (if you happen to like making your own salads and don’t know about TOSS) and a soup station, like the one in Hodgdon. SHOP offers urban groceries and local goods, and the phrase “urban groceries” is still running around in my head. The PRESS station offers paninis, but you would know that if you’ve been to The Commons before. Actually, you would know all of this if you’ve been to the commons before.

There is also Starbucks coffee and chips if you don’t feel like getting them from the Hotung Café just next door. I mean, “I got Starbucks from Hotung” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

But hey, it’s called The Commons. It brings the best of each of our dining options into one place smack dab in the middle of campus at the campus center (I was pretty redundant there, I admit). It is meant to have things in common with other dining options, and it also gives Tufts students something else to either relish or complain about.

Here are excerpts of overheard conversation pertaining to the new and improved. Ok, I actually asked people for their thoughts- am not sneaky enough for the whole undercover thing. But I digress:

“They don’t have mozzarella sticks :(.”

“They don’t have veggie options for hot food really and each time I’ve gone, they don’t have veggie burgers.”

“Food is still dry and there is no longer Ben & Jerry’s!” – a shock to all

“I love it, it’s so different!” – of course, said by a first-year.

“No honey mustard dispenser in the condiment section.”

“I think the salad bar is pretty fancy…but needs cooler dressing. I like that they sell (some) groceries.”

“Loving the architecture.”

“Late night swipes and seasoned fries- best thing ever.”

“More drunk kids on Friday and Saturday nights. Joy to the world.”

“They have mango lassi. Expensive, but it’s mango lassi.”- point taken

“It’s not warm and welcoming.”

All in all it’s the return of The Commons, where there aren’t enough examples of first world problems.






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