A Good Bro (Show) is Always There For You

I should be doing homework right now. Like most of you, probably, the amount of assignments I have before me already is ridiculous. But I’m just going to let the cloud of work-induced dread loom over my shoulder while I write this blog and my other articles for the Tufts Daily. Today we are going to discuss what I like to call “good bro shows.”

Grace, you may be asking me, what is a good bro show? Well, I’ll tell you. In life, there are some friends that you have that you just don’t deserve. These are the friends who are always ready to support you, no matter the circumstances or time of night. You might lose contact with them for awhile, as you’re self-centered and too caught up with your own stuff. But when you really need someone to listen, you can shoot them a text message and they’ll be there for you in a second. I’m lucky enough to have a few good friends like this, and I hope that many of you are too. But a buddy like this doesn’t just have to be a human being; it’s possible to have a TV show act as your good bro.

My good bro show is Burn Notice, a snazzy little spy drama that aired on the USA Network from 2007 to 2013. The show stars Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen, a spy who has been “burned” by the government and now spends his days defending the weak and destroying the corrupt of Miami. His team consists of a trigger-happy ex-girlfriend, an old friend who used to inform on him to the FBI, and family too (I’m literally quoting the opening monologue right now). There are voiceovers, sunglasses, and many explosives. Everyone is beautiful and eats a lot of yogurt. (Seriously, a lot of yogurt. It’s such an integral part of the show, and it has influenced me to I pretend I’m a sexy spy who’s going to go kill a man under the Floridian sun whenever I eat yogurt.)

I’ve probably only seen three and a half full seasons of Burn Notice with my mom, but whenever the show is on TV we’ll watch it. It doesn’t matter what season the episode is from, we can always follow the plot really easy. It’s vaguely predictable, but always entertaining.

Sure, I gave up on Burn Notice. I abandoned it in favor of other, de jour series that caught my eye. But Burn Notice didn’t give up on me. Occasionally I will have stressful days, sad days, days when eating my feelings just won’t make up for the massive amount of suck that is going on in my life. When these days inevitably occur, I turn to Burn Notice for comfort and sexy spy fighting. Even if it’s been months, I can get back into the flow of the show quite easily. (Of course, the new danger is that I will get hooked and marathon a few episodes instead of dealing with my problems.) But Burn Notice is my bro, my good bro, and it always has my back.

In these trying times, I recommend revisiting a show which has offered you comfort in the past. Maybe you have a thing for teen dramas of the early 2000s, such as One Tree Hill, or you’ve been meaning to watch Grey’s Anatomy again. I certainly have other shows that I love to watch again and again—Friends is now on Netflix, praise the lord—but none with the comforting staying power of Burn Notice. As we all know from the famous saying, when the goings get tough, the tough curl up on their bed and cry into their pillows while watching a TV show they’ve already seen.


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