Best and Worst Things About Being Back on Campus

You just got back to campus after a long three-week break. You feel a sense of regret and excitement at the same time. Here is a list of some of the best and worst aspects about campus that might have made you feel this way.


1) Getting back to constant work

After spending a whole month of doing not much of anything, any sort of mental work is draining. We will have to bury our faces in books and camp in the library again…

2) Treading up the hill in freezing cold

The hills at Tufts and long, freezing winters might not be the best combination when you have to rush to class from one building to another, located across the campus, on a daily basis. 

3) Messed up sleep schedule

For many international students flying back to Boston, jetlag is probably the last thing that we want to experience while juggling time for classes and extracurriculars. For others, college would just remind them that late night studying and overnight cycles begin again. 

4) Boston weather changes by the hour

When they come back to Tufts, students would just have to deal with constantly checking the weather broadcast because it might be piercingly freezing one day, then suddenly invitingly warm the next day. You never know what to wear. 

5) Morning classes

Spring semester for students means trying to avoid 8AM classes in the winters as the dorms’ heated rooms become too cold to handle.



1) Being reunited with friends

The best part about school starting has to be getting to meet your friends after a long month of separation.

2) New classes

A new semester means new classes that are exciting and interesting…at least until the assignments and tests start

3) Snow days!

While we can’t stop complaining about how cold it is and how the wind hurts your face and how icy the ground is, but it is almost worth it when we get the rare and treasured snow day.

4) Late night snacking

Nothing says “college” more than gorging on takeout at 1 am. Now, with the commons open for late night dining it is even easier to get food in the early hours of the morning!

5) Boston

Being back at Tufts means more opportunities to explore Boston and to go to new events with friends. Being close to one of the best college “towns” has its benefits.


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