Bon Voyage (until next semester)

Happy finals everyone!

The reading period is on, and those of us not lucky enough to have already finished our finals are still trudging forward (just a couple more days)…

Planing a trip or setting some time away for travel is always difficult over the holidays, or a break in general. There’s the family to convince, the pre-planning with your finals schedule to worry about, and the making sure you make the most of a short time. Sometimes it can be a last minute road trip or family getaway, or a pre-planned voyage to Europe to catch up with friends, or even just a routine trip home (let’s be real, sometimes that’s the best thing. That, and well, some home cooked food).

If you did manage to book a trip somewhere besides home, well bon voyage! I hope you have a wonderful time! Take lot’s of pictures – I would love to collect a few awesome snapshots next semester and make an awesome post out of the wonderful places across the country and around the world Tufts’ students venture.

Me? Well, I am taking an exciting trip back to the Second City – sweet home Chicago. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend it; it is definitely worth a trip.

And speaking of food, here is a gallery to keep you going through the week! Enjoy, happy holidays, and see you next semester.




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