Top 8 Tips to Survive Finals

It’s almost time to go home for Winter Break, but, before then, finals are just around the corner, and with them come piles  of stress. Here are eight ways to blow off steam and keep sane, however hard it may seem your professors are working to the contrary.

1. Exercise

After working your brain, give it a rest and spend some time working your body. Numerous studies have shown that exercise can improve mood and mental functioning – although, these effects are definitely realized after, not during, exercising. Bringing a friend is encouraged.

2. Dance

Either alone, while your roommate is holed up in Tisch, or with your friends, dancing gets the stress out. Make it as energetic or as relaxed as you like with power tunes or smooth ballads. Channel your inner Sarabande or get down with your Burlesque side. Whichever way you decide to move your body, it’ll definitely get the stress out.

3. Food

Stress can make you overeat or it can cause you to forget to eat – don’t let either of these happen! Eating well will make you feel good and keep you alert and energetic. Channel that energy into studying and you have a recipe for success on your exams.

4. Hugs

Sometimes you just need a hug. A lot of the time, those times are when you are stressed, so squeeze it out with a consenting partner – preferably not with a stranger. That would be weird.

5. Group Study

Group studying can reduce stress by showing you where you need to focus your efforts as well as where other students in the class may be struggling. Flaunt your knowledge, or patch up its holes; either way, you’ll have a better idea of where you stand at the end, and that is some small comfort. Plus, you can be productive and social at the same time.

6. Netflix (in moderation)

A classic from the procrastinator’s arsenal, streaming Netflix is good for when your brain needs a break. Use it to reward yourself after a solid study session, but be careful not to get roped into watching too many episodes. Netflix is addictive, so sometimes the best thing is just to say no.

7. Go Off Campus

Best for when there is a multi-day gap between finals, getting off campus puts distance between you and whatever is stressing you out – literally. Seriously, just being around stressed out students can be stressful, so find something to do, if only for a few hours, that completely disengages you from the finals environment.

8. Remember, You Will Be Home Soon

Finals are the last obstacle between you and home. Soon, you will have nearly four weeks to forget about school and all its obligations. It doesn’t get much more stress-free than that.

Happy finals, everyone, and have a great break!


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