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In the span of this weekend, I ate two chicken legs, two slices of pumpkin pie, three dishes of Thai food, one huge pack of spicy nacho Doritos, one chocolate chip muffin, one blueberry muffin, one chocolate cookie, four granola bars, three strawberry yogurt parfaits, twelve bites of ratatouille, two bowls of mashed potatoes, three burritos, and to top it all off, one healthy dose of honey crisp apple (I made sure to eat a little healthy, and oh my is that a ridiculously long sentence).

I also watched a couple of J-Lo and J-Law movies. I gorged on episodes of The Office, Gilmore Girls and Wizards of Waverly Place (season 9, 2, and re-watching season 1 respectively, just in case you were wondering). I also managed to watch two Bollywood movies, so that was about a day and a half gone in itself. The best TV viewing experience is one done while eating the hoards of the aforementioned food stock above, alongside friends and a twin sister and while wearing pajamas.

And let’s not forget shopping. I was out of the room by 8:30 (not 6:00 in the morning like you crazies), and with a cup of coffee on my sleeve, we were ready to hit Newbury street and then Target later on (probably should have done that in reverse in retrospect). I had one run-in with a rude lady and I respectfully told her “same to you” when she told me to “watch it.” I managed to find a couple of sweaters in the 5-10 dollar price range. I stocked up with a couple of leggings for the winter and just because they were on a sale. I also snagged two gorgeous dresses, and a new favourite personal find, a chubby stick.

Thanksgiving was a break very much needed, and I have the extra padded weight, glassy eyes, and a heavily used bank account as proof. I spent the entire weekend with my friends and twin sister, and it never once felt like I was away from home, rather that home was transported to another city. Now we all know that good things can’t last forever because up next in the agenda are the exams, problem sets and papers we all had Thanksgiving break to momentarily forget about. I know, I could’ve ended this in a positive note.




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