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It will have been 175 days since I was last at home by the time Thanksgiving rolls around. This is the longest amount of time I’ve been away from home and let me tell you, I am so excited to head on back to New Mexico on Tuesday. I even have a countdown on my computer’s home screen. Though college comes with a plethora of freedoms, it lacks the creature comforts of home and after nearly six months away, I’ve been pondering the things I miss most and I’m sure many other Tufts students miss as well.

Daisy In The Bosque
Look how adorable my dog is as she prances through the wilderness.

First and foremost, my dog. Now, I know not every Tufts student has a dog, but if you do, you know how empty your dorm room feels without the bundles of fur stuck to your clothing or your personal feet warmer. They’d always there to lick away your frustrated tears because Trunk crashed while you were trying to submit an essay or even accompany you on increasingly painful walks up and down the hill. However, our dogs are at home, waiting for us to enter the door so they can eagerly receive a few belly rubs and then go back to sleeping. What a life they must lead.

Another thing that I tend to miss often is my bed. Now, dorm beds are not awful, but there is something to be said for the comfort of your bed at home. You can try as hard as you want to make your twin XL larger or more comfortable, but in the end, your bed at home will always win. Personally, I’m looking forward to falling asleep knowing the chances that I’m going to roll off my bed are much lower due to the increased width of my mattress.

I always have loved public transportation until I realized it was my only mode of transportation. The T, while certainly accessible, is definitely not how I would prefer to get around permanently. Somehow, I miss my giant, slightly broken Suburban and just driving in general. From peaceful nighttime drives to the convenience, driving is a weird freedom I also miss about home, especially since the southwest is so scenic. Also jamming out in your car is still one of the best activities in the world.

I miss this cuddly bunch of people.

It’s also exciting to see friends who have since all departed to different colleges. For me at the very least, it doesn’t matter how long I’ve gone without talking to my friends, but as soon as we see each other, it’s as if nothing has changed. While my friends at Tufts are fantastic, my friends from home have known me since I was 11 and we all got through that awkward middle school phase together. Nothing can bring people closer than that.

Of course, perhaps the thing I miss most about being home is being with my family. Whether it’s being home for the holidays or settling in for the majority of winter break, being with family, however tiresome it may be, is also a distinct relief. At least for me, being home has come with the realization that while traveling all the way to your hometown is meaningful; it’s not necessarily home. As long as my family and my trusty pup are by my side, that’s all I need to feel like I’m home again. Though, if I can have my car and bed, I’ll take that too.

So here’s to all of us going on home for the holiday. May your travel day be easy and let there be much relaxing before the doom of finals starts to linger.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Here’s a link to the Arctic Monkeys track “505” because that’s the Albuquerque area code. 

I’m going back to 505, if it’s a seven hour flight… (from Boston it is). 


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