Let Me Entertain You | The importance of family (in movies and TV)

It’s almost Thanksgiving! I cannot even begin to explain how excited I am to not be here. It’s not that I don’t love Tufts—I totally do—I just really need to get away from all of the stress and craziness and gorge myself with lots of food. It’s a Segers family tradition to have a movie marathon on Thanksgiving, natch. So it will be a fun day.

Last year I did a post on the best movies to watch on Thanksgiving. This year I’m going to write about something a little bit different: in honor of the holiday which celebrates the importance of family, I’m going to list the best families on TV and in movies. As always, this list is highly subjective, but also completely correct.

  1. The Gilmores, Gilmore Girls

I’ve written previously about the importance of Gilmore Girls in my own life, but the fact remains that this show has one of the best portrayals of familial relationships of any television show. While the emphasis is obviously on the mother-daughter bond between Lorelai and Rory, there are touching and genuine moments between the former and her parents as well. It reminds us why we love our own family, which is important on Thanksgiving.

  1. The Addams Family, The Addams Family Values

Here’s something that I’ve learned from life: people are weird. Like, really weird. They pretend not to be weird, but inside every boring person is a strange soul yearning to be free. The Addams family speaks to this weirdness lurking within our hearts, and presents us with genuine entertainment. Just because you’re creepy and you’re kooky, it doesn’t mean that you can’t love your family.

  1. The Avengers, The Avengers

Shut up. They’re totally a family. “Misfits who don’t belong anywhere and yet find love with teamwork” is like my favorite trope ever. Earth’s mightiest heroes definitely qualify for this category. I might watch The Avengers this year on Thanksgiving because it teaches the important life lesson that celebrating differences and working together means that you can prevent an alien invasion and save the world.

  1. The Hecks, The Middle

Okay, so my mom got me turned on to this hilarious and sweet sitcom about a nice Midwestern family just trying to get through life. It stars the Janitor from Scrubs as the dad and Ray’s wife from Everybody Loves Raymond as the mom, so it’s automatically awesome from the get-go. As the Heck children navigate high school, middle school, and all of the angst that comes with it, you’ll find yourself falling in love with this family.

  1. The Bluths, Arrested Development

The Bluths are admittedly the anti-Hecks—dysfunctional, insane, and ridiculous. But they’re also endlessly entertaining and quotable. Do you know how often I’ve just sang “For British Eyes Only” for no good reason? So many times.

That’s basically my favorite families that entertainment has to offer. It is also very late while I am writing this and my eyes or tired so I apologize if nothing that I wrote made any sense. Have a happy Thanksgiving! Try to forget that finals start like the week after we get back. Drown your sorrows in cranberry sauce and movies instead, as I inevitably will.

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