Throwback Thursday | Sixty-Seven Years of Royal Matrimony

Today is Queen Elizabeth II’s sixty-seventh wedding anniversary, where she married Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark at the classic Westminster Abbey. Now, as Americans with no official monarchy (our kings and queens are the likes of the Kardashians), we admire the glamour of royalty from across the pond and royal weddings are perhaps even more spectacular to us than the citizens of the United Kingdom. When Prince William and Kate tied the knot, it was not only a supremely proud British historical moment, but the whole world seemed to be glued to the their television, awaiting the first public kiss of their matrimony. While the United Kingdom seems to have nabbed the publicity for their weddings, all over the world royal couples have magnificent wedding ceremonies with even more esteemed guests each time.

So why this obsession? Well first off, it’s incredibly lavish. It’s as if someone asked Cinderella’s fairy godmother to dress everyone attending the wedding with a quick flick of a magic wand.

Claire Lademacher at her wedding to Prince Felix in France.
Claire Lademacher at her wedding to Prince Felix in France.

From intricate dresses with seamless stitching to suits that are perfectly pressed, it’s an incredible parade of fashion. Of course, not to forget the hats! The hats are by far the best part of the fashion during royal weddings, besides the bride’s dress. The bride is the highlight of these events, as she blushes and is instantly labeled as the monarchical baby incubator, but alas she is beautiful and the real life fairy tale that little kids wish to be true.

Blushing, poised, and effortlessly ephemeral, I could only hope that one-day I will grow up to be that graceful, never mind the fact that I’m already an adult and no longer growing. I can still dream of not tripping over my own feet…

Also, I feel as though these wedding ceremonies bring countries together in such a public realm that it rivals the pure American patriotism strung through our everyday lives. Maybe it’s because I live in the United States, but I also have the feeling that Americans are just extremely proud to be an American all the time and that it’s a very performative act to show off your patriotism. While I’m not suggesting that other countries are lacking in nationalism or pride, or that Americans are to proud of their country, a royal wedding is a day to rally around another country’s patriotism. Plus, people generally love what they can’t have. However, I think it was a relatively good decision on the founding fathers’ part to disassociate us from the monarchy.

Princess Katherine looking ravishingly beautiful on her wedding day.
Princess Katherine looking ravishingly beautiful on her wedding day.

Though there are a lot of political ideologies and problems concerning various monarchies, not to mention that their extravagance is a little unsettling, the glamour is something worth mentioning. I don’t mean to bring it back to the hats, but oh my, the hats. If we learn anything about royal weddings, I think it should be that hats should become a common accessory again.

So happy anniversary sixty-seventh anniversary Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. I’m glad the monarchy is upholding the importance of hats.

Princess Eugene and Princess Beatrice have the best hats.



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