Hello USA | New Discoveries

Last Wednesday, I discovered something. Something amazing. Something I can’t believe I had never known of before. Something I have to have everyday if possible. Something so scrumptious and delectable, that my mouth just waters at the thought of it as it is currently doing so. So I’ve given out a clue: it is something to do with food. And here’s another clue: it’s actually quite healthy. So now you know that it’s a fruit, because when would someone actually become obsessed with something in the legumes family? Here’s another hint: it’s only available in the fall and winter season. So it is ultimately the only reason why I look forward to the cold days and freezing nights. I give up: it’s honeycrisp apples.

How did I stumble upon this magnificent piece of life, you ask? Well, it’s quite a story. Not really. I’ll still tell you anyway because this is my blog.

It was 3:30 PM and I had just gotten out of a meeting. I had class in an hour but I still had to pick up something from Tisch and print a couple of sheets. I needed something portable and yet filling and easy to eat on the go, so the chicken cordon bleu was kind of out of the question (I’m also at Dewick if no one guessed). I also thought I would be a little healthier than usual, so then I gravitated toward the fruit section. Banana? Nah I’d finish it five seconds and still be hungry. Orange? Eh it’s just juice and pulp. So I thought of an apple. But there were choices a plenty: Golden Delicious Apples, Macintosh apples, Red Apples, and Honeycrisp Apples. Now with a lineup of names like these, the choice was obviously very difficult.

I then noticed that the basket of honeycrisp apples was very subtly kept two inches apart from the other baskets. Was this indicative of its superiority? Of its status? Of something? Probably not, but the observation was good enough for me. So I snagged one honeycrisp apple. But then I don’t have a particular affinity for apples. They’re sometimes too mushy, sweet, or soggy. I needed something to supplement it or salvage it in case I didn’t like it. I then remembered that apples and peanut butter kinda go together, right? But then again came the obstacle of portability. I couldn’t just dip the apple into the tub of peanut butter. I didn’t have Tupperware and I couldn’t carry the bowl out with me. So something to transport the peanut butter. Bread? Hmm, why not. The more food for me! Just a sneak preview of the problem solving skills of a sophomore in college.

When I got to the peanut butter stage, the smooth peanut butter had run out. Now I was really in a fix. It was either jam or the crunchy peanut butter, and I wasn’t fond of either. I then chose the one closest to the smooth peanut butter and rushed out as this whole fiasco had taken 20 minutes.

I bit into the apple and peanut butter sandwich at the same time once I had gotten myself a computer at Tisch. And I immediately sank into the chair. The apple was so sweet, yet not nauseously so. It had the crunch that complemented the crunchy peanut butter, and the wheat bread… well it wasn’t innocuous to the overall experience. I had never tasted anything so purely sweet yet savoury. I had discovered something. Something amazing. Something I can’t believe I had never known of before.

Did I just write an entire blog about honeycrisp apples and a crunchy peanut butter wheat sandwich? Yes. This just goes to show how eventful my week was. But I discovered my new favourite snack. And potentially something deep or profound about myself. But let’s just leave it at that.


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