App Of The Week | What Different Messaging Apps Mean

If you receive a message from me on…



I need to reach you, and you have WhatsApp (I almost always check first). This is my preferred messaging method. You can make groups easily, send photos, videos, voice notes (when you’re too lazy to type), share contacts, and even locations. It’s so convenient.




Text Messaging/iMessaging

I want to reach you, and you don’t have WhatsApp.



Group Me

If we need to be in a group chat together, and one or more people in that group don’t have WhatsApp. While I don’t love GroupMe, I do appreciate the feature where you can like each other’s messages.


Facebook Messager


Facebook Messaging

I don’t know you well enough to have your phone number, but I need to contact you. Or I want to share a link with you, and I’m already on my computer.




Gmail Chat

I’m at work and I want to talk to you, but I don’t want my boss to think I’m slacking.





We are on separate continents, and for some reason you want to see my face on your computer screen. (Most likely you are my mother.)





You are most likely international and I need to talk you. Though most of the time it’s hard to hear over strange cracking sounds, you can make long distance calls for free.





You just sent me a super hilarious and amazing snap, and I want to let you know.



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