Tufts, Tailored | Comfy Cool

It was such a nice day yesterday and everyone was in such high spirits! I saw so many colors: blue and green and pink and brown and grey. Everyone was layering in such creative ways. I especially loved Yaqi’s extra long cardigan, Chelsea’s polka-dot bag, and Jason’s Jack Purcell sneakers. All these students managed to make comfy cool.


Name: Yaqi Shen

What is your favorite thing to wear? “I love sneakers and a sweater… something like that.”
Name: Chelsea Hicks
How do you choose an outfit? “I start with my pants… what’s most comfortable slash what works best with my giant sweater if I’m wearing that today….The shoes are kind of just whatever I want… and then I pick colors so because today was fall and cloudy I needed to wear green because it makes me happy.”
Describe your style. “Comfortable, eclectic, chic.”
Name: Jason Adesman
What is your favorite article of clothing? “Pants set the tone. Comfort is always key.”
Describe your style. “I’m a comfy hipster”
Photos by Jack Kamin

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