3 Weekend Getaways for College Students

As someone who has spent the majority of her life on the West Coast, there are a few things that baffle me about the East Coast, but perhaps the most astounding is the fact that driving to a neighboring state takes maybe up to four hours maximum. On the West Coast, you would get about as far as Middle of Nowhere, California, still meandering the desert. However, the East Coast boasts smaller states making traveling simple, as much as it confuses me. And for us Tufts students, makes getting away on the weekends even easier. So where do you go? Well, there are a few destinations to choose from and all of them are less than five hours away, perfect for a weekend getaway.

1. Portland, Maine

Portland is only a two and half hour train ride away from South Station. For many, this is a great option because not only is it minimal travel time, but Maine is absolutely stunning in the fall. It’s a little quieter than other travel options, but sometimes that is just the ticket. A nice little getaway to somewhere beautiful and serene is the perfect option for a stressed out college student.

2. NYC

A more upbeat option is, of course, New York City. There are a few different ways to get to the city that never sleeps. The train, though more expensive option, is the fastest with only about four and half hours of travel time. The bus is also a great option, but depending on traffic, can take upwards of five hours. Regardless, getting to New York City is always worth it. Once you’re dropped off at Penn Station, the whole city is at your fingertips. From museums and strolls in Central Park to exploring the ever-expanding Brooklyn, you will certainly have a busy and entertaining weekend in NYC.

3. Providence

A great third option is to head over to Providence, Rhode Island. This is the closest option, boasting a mere forty-five minute train ride. By visiting our collegiate neighbors at Brown, you have to opportunity to see how another university area entertains their bustling student population. From an expansion in the arts to incredible historic site, Providence is certainly a city to keep on your radar.

Traveling is a great way to escape the stressors of college and to explore a little bit of the east coast and New England area. So get out there and find some adventure!


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