Top Ten Bathrooms On Campus

Absolutely Amazing

1. Tufts Art Gallery

Add to your Tufts bucket list. Located on the ground floor of the arts gallery inside Aidekman, this is a private bathroom where it’s beautifully decorated. The wallpaper is a gorgeous pattern created by an art student (who has since graduated), but seriously, this bathroom is Instagram-able.


2. Miner Hall

Located on the entrance level of Miner Hall, there is a single bathroom right across the entrance. There’s a huge frosted window, which means there’s plenty of light. It’s clean, and also massive.


3. Braker Basement

There’s also an amazing bathroom on the basement of Braker. Stop by, all you Econ majors!


Clean & Lovely

4. Sophia Gordon

Sophia Gordon Hall is just a pretty nice place in general. The bathrooms are new, clean, and well kept. There isn’t too much else to ask for.


5. Granoff

I think that Granoff Music Hall is such a pretty building (the Lilly library is underrated) and its bathroom is no exception.


6. Halligan

Yes, I know that Halligan is on the other side of the campus. But if you’re in there and stressed and dying from coding, at least you’ll be comforted by clean bathrooms.


Not The Best

7. Dewick

Since so many people frequent Dewick, it’s difficult to keep it clean and well-stocked. The bathrooms at aren’t terrible, just not preferable.


8. Campus Center

Very similar situation to Dewick. Not too gross, but not fantastic.


9. Tisch

Every time I use the bathroom in Tisch, there’s never any paper towels left, and the trash can is always overflowing. But, the messages written on the stall walls are always kind of amusing.


Avoid At All Costs

10. Carmichael

I think a medium sized rock holds the door open. The locks are a strange kind of mechanism with a gaping hole, and at any given time, one (or more) of the stalls are unflushed and/or stuck. If you can avoid going in there, you should.


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