Hot off the Press | November 7, 2014

IN NEWS: Rebecca Irwin, associate professor of biological sciences at Dartmouth College, spoke about the impacts invasive species have on native populations during a lecture yesterday for the  Environmental Studies Lunch & Learn Program. During the event, which was sponsored by both the Environmental Studies Program and Tufts Institute of the Environment, Irwin spoke about the interdisciplinary research on which she has collaborated.

IN FEATURES: There are few organizations on campus that can boast the size and clout of Tufts Hillel. A thriving center for Jewish life on campus, Tufts Hillel has taken on a life of its own over the past years, boasting a multitude of speakers, dinners and student-run social justice initiatives.

IN ARTS: A steady stream of art history aficionados, young and old, filed into Barnum 104 last night. They didn’t come to watch Ricky Jay, long considered one of the world’s greatest sleight of hand artists perform magic tricks, but to enjoy his personal collection of pamphlets and prints depicting P.T. Barnum’s exhibitions.



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