App of the Week | TimeHop

Do you ever wish your could reminisce about your Facebook past? Wonder what you tweeted a few years back? How about that one embarrassing photo on Instagram from sophomore year of high school? Now, instead of scrolling through your profile for what feels like centuries, there is an app to help prevent you from getting carpal tunnel from all that scrolling.

TimeHop is an app that links to several social media websites and everyday, it finds what you posted on that day up to five years back, allowing to either reflect on some brilliant memories or some of your less spectacular moments (eighth grade status updates anyone?)

The overall concept of this app is to tell your life story through social media. We live in the digital age and many of us express ourselves outwardly on several social media platforms. By using TimeHop, we’re able to revisit our past Internet selves. While this sounds horrifying in a lot of ways, it’s also a really fantastic way to reflect on what has transpired in even just a year. Beyond the less than flattering tweets from middle school, the app also reveals such fantastic memories that are now survived by a mere 140 characters or perhaps a quick photo.

Everyday, TimeHop presents you with a seamless presentation of what you did last year and beyond, organized by year, and type of social media. Then, if you want to share a particular memory, you have the option to share it on social media, continuing the perpetual cycle of our social media addiction (we promise it’s not a real problem).

TimeHop is a great app to visit the ghost of social media’s past, whether it’s ghoulish scary or perhaps friendly spirit.


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